important info for OKC jr riders

for those that will be in 9th and 10th grades in the fall of 2009 and are planning to shw at the Grand National this year, you might want to inquire with your school about your PSAT schedule. Most schools have the kids take them in these years and this year the national scheduled date is the Wednesday of the GN. We are currently working on finding a school in OKC that is giving the tests and organizing for our rider to take them there. They don’t care where you take them, but that is the only date that they will be administered for the year. It appears that it is from 8:00 AM to noon that they’ll be testing. I’ll keep you all updated if I get anything organized.

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  1. Scottfield03 says:

    Thanks Stacy for bringing this to my attention. I am happy to pass it along to my riders. I appreciate your doing the leg work to try to accomodate these students. It seems riding and academic excellence often go hand in hand, so I am sure this will be of importance to a good number of teens.

  2. helkat says:

    Thank you for the information. I have one jr. exhibitor that will be dealing with this problem. What test site will you be contacting in OKC and how are you going about it? I need to have all my ducks in a row before I bring this up to my jr.’s parents.
    Thanks for your help!
    Meredith Rosier

  3. StacyGRS says:

    Well, unfortunately, I don’t have much info yet. I am leaving for the UPHA show tomorrow AM and I plan to call some of the school on my drive. I have a list of schools in OKC that have given the test before. I believe that the school that informed my rider is more “on it” than most as many of the schools in both our area and OKC have not yet signed up for the test, let alone informed students. I have found at least one in OKC that is signed up and that one will be my forst call, bt I think my plan is to have a coupld of options so I can figure out which is closest to the grounds. I get back from the show a week from tomorrow and hope to have info then to pass on to you. I am guessing that if a school agrees to do this for my kid, they’ll do it for any of them. Once I’ve sorted out which school and get my girl organized there I will ask the school if I can pass their info on for the other kids and then will put it on here as well as letting the GN committee know. I’ll try to get the info out as efficiently as possible. So, if you can hang on a week to tell your rider, I hope to have all the details tied up and good info for you by next tuesday.

  4. helkat says:

    Thank you and we will be hanging on for a week. Thanks again!
    Meredith Rosier

  5. Steve Handy says:

    When I was in ninth grade, I had to take the PSAT’s out in Oklahoma. I think that I went to Putnam City West High School. They were great to deal with and even sent me my test packet when they were allowed to release them. They might be a school to check into I think it was about 15 minutes away from the fairgrounds.

  6. StacyGRS says:

    thanks Steve…they’ll be one of my first calls:)

  7. 10jloftus says:

    wow, thats so nice of you to consider. I am fortunately going to be a senior next year, but i can definately empathize with people having to schedule horse shows around standardized tests. for all the junior exhibitors out there that need to take this into consideration, “AP Week” is also the week of Vermont Spring Classic and Breeders (around May 12-16). Just so you know for years to come

  8. says:

    Please keep us posted on whatever you find out about the PSATS as my daughter will fall into this group of riders. Her highschool told me the school out there can allow her to test there IF they have room…this is not the case with SATS, which you can take wherever you please

  9. GraceMorgn says:

    The Morgan Grand National has made arrangements for riders to take the PSAT at a local school in OKC. Here is the link with the info.

  10. GraceMorgn says:

    The Morgan Grand National has made arrangements for riders to take the PSAT at a local school in OKC. Here is the link with the info.

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