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Hi, I am a 12 year old girl who has a question for all of the moms and trainers out there who may know how this feels. Recently, I had to quit Track so I could still have time to work with horses. My mother teaches me so she had a large impact on my decision. The question is;¬†Would you let your child/student do two sports at the same, even though they don’t have time for much practice???


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  1. empressive says:

    Lil rider,

    Will I am not a mother or trainer, I have been around to watch many children grow up. Some kids get burned out with only one activity & others can go through 4 without coming into a sweat.

    But there are times when parents push their children into doing more than the child can handle. In a case such as that you need to communicate with your parents. Remember you are going to get to be a kid only until you are 18. After that the fun of having no responsibilities is over.

    SO have fun and enjoy the things you like to do. Try new things and tell your parents what you like to do! Well break is over gotta go I hope this helps some. And good luck!

  2. Sue says:

    well-as a mother and one who has shown for many years, I can see that there might be two sides to this. While alot of kids do two sports at once, there are so many factors involved in such decisions, for instance are you the only child or does Mom have other responsibilities that have to be squeezed into the “after school-after sports” hours? Is there a bus to take you home, or does Mom have to provide transport? Is your father able to help with running kids back and forth from practice and the barn-or is he a traveler and not always home. It can be tough for a Mom to have to juggle everything alone. At 12 you can’t drive yourself to the barn, and your Mom probably doesn’t feel safe with having you dropped off and left to deal with everything alone. Mom’s can be protective.

    Then we can get into the homework thing-there are only so many hours in a day. School work must come first-even to kids who don’t do any sports.

    It was unclear from your message whether you were told to quit track-or if you elected to quit track…..there is a difference.

  3. As a coach/mom/instructor, I have found out that the more that you spread yourself out the harder it is to achieve your goals. Riding is a sport that required constant practice to achieve that partnership between you and your horse. Track, while still needing to practice, is a sport that requires just you.

    I have kids that ride all year round and some that do sports during the school year. Never fails that the ones who ride, even once a week, throughout the year,, achieve their goals much easier than the ones who start and stop throughout the year.

    I agree that school is the most important job you have. That always has to come first.

    If you want to do more sports just be prepared to possibly not attain the degree of proficiency you would by concentrating on one.

    I think at your age you should at least try a few things to see what you may be good at, but keep riding throughout the year and make whatever else the second choice, that you give up time to do if need be.

    Always remember though, it is supposed to be fun and rewarding, if it is not then it is something you probably won’t continue anyways.


  4. Scottfield03 says:

    I am a Trainer, not a mom, so take it for what it’s worth– perhaps not much!

    From where I sit, the students I have that prioritize riding, and give up other sports to pursue this one only, are far mroe successful than those students who do this sport as one of many. Every kid is different, and I think that even though you might be more committed with your time to the hroses after quitting track, you might not be as fully committed in the heart. Think about what you really want, and I encourage you to pick one if you can. This is just such a competitive sport– you have to be awfully dedicated to stay on top, and thats where I often see you, little lady!

  5. love-equitation says:

    I really wanted to track this year, but I couldn’t. No time to ride.

    You just have to pick which is more important, or give up some riding time.

    It can be stressful, I know. =[

  6. valiants_lilrider207 says:

    Thanks everyone!!! I decided just to do winter track, so I am now ridng almost every day!!

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