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I have been looking for some horse fencing, the vinyl type, and was wondering if anyone has bought any good or bad horse fence from certain companies. Or if anyone has any ideas where to get it. I have heard that certain vinyl fence will crack or shatter if a horse gets into it after a couple years because it breaks down from being in the weather…

I was also wondering what kind of fencing people prefer or have had good/bad experiences with.

I do not like the wire fencing, but I was thinking wood fence maybe, since it is not as expensive and I would therefore be able to fence more. I like the look of the vinyl fence, but I also like the look of the black fence like everyone has in Kentucky.

That is all. Thank you! ~Jess

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  1. Jan says:

    I have fencing made by the Ramm Fence company and I love it!…..There are several options and combinations of cord or flat panel. I use the electric cord on top of the PVC fencing that was already in place, basically to keep the horses off the fence. Where fence was not already in plce I used a combination of electric cord for the first strand, 5 inch flat panel for the second strand and then two more electric cords under that. Even with electric cord as the bottom strand the horses can eat grass around the posts and bottom of the fence to keep it looking neat. It has not sagged in the 4 years it has been up although if it did, there are tighteners in place for both the panel and the cord. The Ramm company was efficient and professional and helped in the planning so that I did not buy too more fence or strength of fence than what I needed.

  2. Sue says:

    I too got my vinyl fencing from Ramm. Love it, very easy company to deal with. I have the 4 inch on the top and three 1 inch under that. Has worked out great

  3. RAMMFENCE says:

    Thank you all for the nice comments about RAMM! My name is Debbie Disbrow, and I am the President of RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls. It warms my heart to hear such nice comments from owners of our products.

    From myself, as well as our family and staff, we reaaly do thank all of our customers who have touched our lives so deeply. We are privileged to talk with you and we love getting to know you like our neighbots down the road. We are all thankful for YOU!

    Your encouragement and good comments are welcome anytime, and we want to hear your criticisms, too – that will help make us a better company. You remind us daily that we are especially fortunate to be able to share a common passion, our horses!!

    These are the days of the rest of our lives! Ride long, laugh often. Oh, and please always feel free to give me or my staff a call if we can help you and your family find that perfect horse fencing or horse stalls. Thank you!

  4. jgarrett_fhf says:

    thank you guys for your recommedation!!!

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