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Hey folks, as you all know by now I’m taking over the admin role from Beth. As I explore the admin section of this site I’m getting ideas for potential changes I’d like to make in the future. However, I’m also open to suggestions from the peanut gallery. I don’t want to change/add something that no one else cares about. So, if you have something you’d like to see on this site, or maybe something Beth has done in the past that you’d like to see come back, let me know. Also, I’m curious what your favorite things are about the site as it is? What’s the first place you check out when you first open the home page (aside from looking for new posts)? What other pages do you check most often? Feel free to discuss in the comments, or email admin@abovelevel.com and let me know your thoughts.


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  1. jns767 says:

    Hi Erin – welcome!!

    Personally, I really like the site as is, but maybe it would be nice to see a topic brought about by you once a week more/less. That way when things slow down a bit, it can be sped back up by a new topic more regularly then just waiting for a AL member to speak up about somethihng. Like a Friday topic – hopefully that makes sense. :)

  2. cap1963 says:

    I like jns767′s idea about a weekly topic (especially if it’s been slow).

    I’d also like to comment that it would be helpful if you could see more easily the topics/questions that people have posted that have no comments yet. You can only see them a). if you look up the category or b). if you are looking from the home page.

    I often never sign off of my computer so the new topics don’t appear in the Recent Comments section.

    I’d also like to say that since I found this site late last year, I check it daily. Great site. And friendly. I’ve been part of a couple of specific breed dog forums before, and WOW would it get ugly.

    Good luck to you.


  3. BanditsMom says:

    Hi, good luck to you! This is an awesome site.

    I agree with Cindy that there needs to be an easier way to see comments,specifically ones without comments.

    My other suggestion is that you bring back anonymous posting. I remember last year this site was buzzing with activity. Then, when anonymous posts were no longer allowed,and you were required to have a username, the amount of activity really decreased quite suddenly. Most people’s usernames allow them to remain anonymous anyway, so why not let non-members post? Allowing anonymous posts also makes it more convenient to post, especially for people new to the site. Everytime I want to log-in, I have to go to my e-mail to copy and paste that password that I’ll never remember.

    I just think that would make the site easier and would allow for more voices to be heard.


  4. Erin, welcome and look forward to what you may do. I agree with the comments already there. If I think of anything else I will speak up. Missy

  5. 10jloftus says:

    I completely agree with BanditsMom. i personally don’t have a problem with logging in to post, but for a first-timer it may seem like a hassle to set up an account even if they just want to write one little comment. I think that the content of the post or the comment is more important than who said it so i think we should abandon the idea that anonymous posts are of lesser value. I don’t think it matters one way or the other who writes what. And if it leads to increased use of the site, great!

  6. 10jloftus says:

    and i also agree that even with the user name, its still pretty anonymous

  7. Grandprincess says:

    I totally agree about brining back anonymous posts. Beth has created a great community here and I think everyone will continue to be respectful with out always using login names. I think I can guess who alot of people on here are and some have introduced themselves. I feel users will be more comfortable speaking their minds and asking quesions without their trainers and barn mates finding out.
    Good Luck!

  8. cap1963 says:

    Ooo, ooo, ooo. I’m sorry, but I disagree with the last couple of posts regarding anonymous users. Yes, even when you sign up, you can be anonymous, but the fact that you have to register and can be monitored, makes it more difficult for those that really don’t want to participate in a good conversation and to only be derogatory or try to instigate things to post. Like I said, I’ve been part of some forums (and you could post anonomysly) and it’s horrible.

    I was a first time user not too long ago and I truly believe it was worth the it.

    Personally, while I like to see lots of comments, I’d rather have less posts and more real content.

  9. Carley says:

    not requiring users to register is not a good idea. this is how you end up with anonymous “trolls”. anyone who has been in any of the livejournal type blogs knows what I’m talking about. if don’t require people to register, then you have no way of blocking or banning people. i know its not 100% that things will ever get that bad, but making the user name a requirement just prevents it from ever becoming a problem. when people register, they can make any user name they want. theres no way to tell who anyone is unless they are the ones to tell us.

  10. Carley says:

    ps… i don’t think i like the comment moderation however.

  11. BanditsMom says:

    I think I’m with Carley about comment moderation.

    cap- This site functioned for some time with anonymous posts and there were never any fights, crass language, derogatory comments. If I had never seen it, I may have been with you, but it really worked very well and was much more convenient. I have to say I was very disappointed when the rule was imposed on requirement of registration and there was a marked decrease in comments, which made me even more disappointed because the site had really started to get hopping before it was put in place.

  12. RaeOfLight says:

    Actually the moderation has me a bit confused at the moment. Some of your comments are going right through and some are requiring approval. At first I thought this was potentially determined on a per-user level, but then, Carley, your first post sent me an approval email and the second went straight through. I’ve sent Beth an email asking for some outlines on what the moderation rules are. I may do away with the moderation.

    However, for the moment I think I’d rather stick with requiring a user to register in order to post/comment. As the number of users on this site hopefully continues to grow, the potential for negative, or useless discussion grows (I’ve been in discussion arenas where that was the case and that’s the last thing I’d want to happen here). If someone is required to register, then I can block negative/spamming users if necessary. I can’t block a single person if they can just post under “anonymous”.

    BanditsMom, I can see your point, and I will continue to weigh my options on this. But when this site was first getting going it was probably initially word-of-mouth, friends telling friends… people you could trust. The more users there are, the less likely that’s the case.

    Keep the comments coming! I’m also open to suggestions on “weekly topics”, I think that’s a great idea.


  13. empressive says:

    RaeOfLight- I was really hoping you would do something like this. It is a very good way to get to know everyone, and for them to get to know you!

    Cap & Jns- Man O man! I thought if I posted too much you guys would get sick of me! I probably have a million questions mulling around in my head. Yes! It would be great though to hear from Rae (if you do not mind the nickname)at least once a week. That would be cool.

    Everyone- As much as Anon. comments are easier this site is becoming well known and will eventually find more people on here. I do remember when Anon. comments were allowed it was much easier to post! I post from my phone much of the time and signing is a real pain.

    Still it is much safer to only allow users to post. Otherwise we are inviting trouble. Now later on when Rae becomes more comfortable and in synch with this site, it may be advantageous to have a trial time for the anon. comments idea.

    I do understand that while this site had anon. comments for a, while we must understand that they were taken off for a reason. We do want more people on here, but we do not want to lower our standards.

    Well thats it! Gotta love the (notify for followup comment) box at the bottom here.

  14. stretch says:

    I favor the member only comments,but perhaps if you allow the member to choose their own password, registering would be less daunting and the password would be one that I could remember if signing on from different computers. I agree with empressive’s thumbs up on the comment notification check.

  15. colwilrin says:

    First, I would just like to say “thank you” to Beth. I will really miss her, both here and at the shows. Rae, “welcome” we all look forward to getting to know you.

    There is a way to change your password. I successfully did it because I could never remember my assigned one. I can’t remember how I did it…perhaps Rae could help out.

  16. BanditsMom says:

    The password change would definitely help

    If we keep the comment monitoring, then why would allowing anonymous posts be so bad? Comments are being controlled anyway.

    Another suggestion I have is that as far as new things such as rules, etc. go; I think it should be more of a democracy. If you are thinking of making a change to the site, I think you should notify everyone and post it as a poll so that the users of the site can decide whether they like it or not.

  17. Windenhill says:

    My personal feeling is that if you have something to say and you’re not willing to sign your name to it, then perhaps it’s something you SHOULDN’T say. Or at least have the backbone to speak and then take the kickback and deal with it.

    I’m not really for anonymous posting, primarily because of the inability to moderate. The more popular the site becomes, the more diverse people it will attract. Some of these people will not be kind or practical, educated or fair. It’s in the best interest of everyone (including advertisers on the site, newbies reading it for the first time, etc.) to keep a safety in the drawer to pull out when necessary. The registration process allows this.

    And as far as a democracy and letting the users make all the decisions, well, without knowing the mechanics of the site (it’s capabilities, etc.), that’s a pretty tough thing to do. I think Erin is going to read and listen to what everyone has to say, then try to come up with a way to implement new ideas where possible. Some things just might not be possible. We’ll have to trust her there!

  18. jns767 says:

    I am a very open person, so I don’t have issues with signing in myself. However, there have been times when I’ve needed advice about a particular trainer or person that I know via Morgans, and I didn’t want people to know who it was I was referring to. I’m not well known by any means in the show community, but it wouldn’t be hard to figure out who I am speaking about with a little digging. At times I’d like to be able to post anonymously for those reasons only (to protect their identity). I don’t think it’s right for anyone to sign in anonymously and bash another Above Leveler ;), but at the same time, as I said above, it would be nice to have that anonymity from time to time. (BTW, I don’t know whether I spelled anonymous correct or not – so, forgive).

    Jenny J.

  19. 10jloftus says:

    i understand that anonymous posting could get a little ugly so thats fine if you want to steer clear of that and as i said earlier, i personally have no problem not being anonymous but i just wanted to say that i agree jns767. people don’t just wanna be anonymous so that they can say mean things, there are some other reasons for wanting anonymity and we should keep that in mind. however, thanks to the recent comments i now see why anonymity would be impractical and possibly degrading to the site as a whole. Thanks

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