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Due to various changes in the direction of my life, I have decided to end my role as owner/administator of Luckily I have found a great replacement from the Morgan community who will be able to run the blog and help advance it in the months and years to come.

When my husband and I started we wanted it to be a place where all things Morgan horse could be discussed. We weren’t sure if it would fly or not but with the help of all of you, it really took off to become a great meeting place for the community. We want to thanks everybody for your support and participation! It has been a great experience.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on turning over to its new owner so you may see some changes occurring. We will make the transition as smooth as possible so please bear with us.

I wish the new owner the best of luck and I hope you all are able to give her the the same amount of help and support you gave me!

Thanks again and best wishes to all!

BlackEyeBeth (aka Beth Wilber)

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  1. JC says:

    Dr. Wilber,

    Our thanks to you for creating this needed brain trust for the Morgan community.

    Built with respect, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge across generations of Morgan owners; Abovelevel thrived with you (and tech) at the reins.

    May your next endeavor be equally successful.


  2. empressive says:

    Beth I am very proud and happy to have had the chance to be here when you were in control of this site. You and your husband have done a wonderful job!
    I hope you will continue to peruse this site every once in a while when time allows. We will always miss you!

    As for the newbie! We are very happy to have her. Someone you have chosen to take care of this site is sure to be well welcomed. I am sure also that as EVERYONE has put up with me ( the youngest person here :) they will have abundant patience as your young lady takes up the reins here! Plus the praise needed when needed.

    Thank you so much for everything!

  3. Carley says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done already! Hopefully you’ll stick around as a community member.


  4. Carley says:

    PS… empressive… are yo sure you’re the youngest here? I might have to challenge that :)

  5. jns767 says:

    I’m sad to see that you’re leaving as administrator, BEB. The new person has big shoes to fill :).

  6. stretch says:

    Thank you for all the work you have put into this blog. I enjoy it, and check it every day along with my other e-mail. You did a good job at keeping everyone respectful and on track. It is nice to have a vehicle where showing and training are the main conversations.

  7. empressive says:

    To Carley

    Are you in your twenties?

    JNS you hit it right again those are some big shoes!

  8. RaeOfLight says:

    Hey Folks, your new admin here. I’m so pleased with the kind of site Beth has built this up to be and am excited and honored to have the opportunity to take the reins here. I have a high standard to live up to and if I can maintain the quality dialogue Beth has managed to generate then I will consider myself successful. I look forward to many great discussions with my fellow Morgan enthusiasts.


  9. denu220 says:

    Thanks for everything, Beth! Best of luck with the rest of the show season :)

  10. bella92290 says:

    Beth and tech,
    Daily since I found it a year or so ago I visit this site. LOVE it and cannot thank you enough for your dedication. You have done a phenomenal job and will be missed. Best wishes to the newbie Erin, welcome!

    Michele =)

  11. empressive says:

    Well Carley I just got done watching “Dragonball: Evolution”
    and not because I am some overgrown living at grandmas, overweight,
    adult delinquint.

    Nope I am a 19 year old anime and horse crazed delinquint. (hows that world!)
    Okay so just dont repeat the anime part and I might live. The call me the ‘closet lover’ because I refuse to come out with my anime love.

    But you guys on here are pretty cool and nice. (plus some of you may not even know what anime is so cool)

    Erin! Great to here from you! In the newly vacant absence of Beth it seems your presence will be most wonderful! Plus congrats on the new position Beth would only hand over the reins to someone deserving enough of the position.

    like your name “RaeofLight”!

  12. Carley says:

    welcome Erin!
    random question for you…. does your user name happen to also be the name of your horse? awhile back there was a gorgeous chestnut on dreamhorse that we tried to inquire about (somewhere near MI). he was on there one day, and then gone the next… but anywho… that was his name.

  13. Windenhill says:

    Rae of Light was also advertised on, and I remember he didn’t last long. He was posted in mid-January and sold by the end of May.

  14. RaeOfLight says:

    Rae of Light actually comes from my middle name being Rae. It’s also what I plan on calling my Morgan operation when it gets more substantially up and running. I currently only own one mare, and she’s expecting a foal in May… it’s a first for both of us and we’re very excited :)

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