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I was wondering what paperwork I will need to attend the Michigan Morgan shows.  I am leasing a gelding, do I need a signed paper from the owner?  I will bring his coggins and a copy of his papers…other than that, can anyone offer suggestions as to what I should also bring to my first show that is in 2 WEEKS!!  (trying not to have an anxiety attack LOL)




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  1. j.a.b. says:

    If you are leasing a horse you really should have an official lease on file with AMHA. You will receive a letter that you will provide with your entries showing that you are leasing the horse, then the horse can be entered and shown under your name. If you do not complete this step you will be required to show the horse under the name of the owner of record (that which shows up on the reg. papers) and that owner will have to sign all of your entry forms.
    Beyond that you should check the prizelist for the requirements. You may be required to show proof of rabies and coggins, and if you are from outside of Michigan you may need to have health papers drawn up.

    Beyond that the first thing you should pack is a notebook and pen so you can make a list of everything you forgot and/or didn’t realize you’d want with you!
    Make sure you pack an extra halter and lead in case one gets broken/lost. You’ll want to make sure you have enough hay and grain for the duration of the show plus extra “just in case”. I think most people will tel you that their horses get more hay at shows then at home so keep that in mind.
    Before you go make yourself a check list of everything, if you do this on the computer it’s easier to update and print off for each time you have to pack. Start with you, what do you need to wear in the ring? (Hat/helmet, shirt, jacket etc etc)
    Don’t forget what you need for the horse – tack, grooming, stall comfort, grain, supplements etc. Horse bathing supplies, tack cleaning, broom, stall cleaning equipment, clippers etc are always wise to pack.
    If you forget anything you can usually borrow almost anything from the other exhibitors. Most folks are friendly and willing to help, and having to ask to borrow something is a great way to strike up a coversation and make new friends!
    Have a great time and good luck!

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