Hey everybody! Happy Resurrection Sunday or for some Easter!

So while I finish the cream cheese icingon the B-day carrot cake for my grandmother I wish you all the best! That as Christ rose again for us we too today will rise up to our challenges and take head on the hardships in our lives and joys in our lives. Friends enjoy this lasting holiday and your family, friends, & loved ones.

Plus I hope that your foals grow beautifully, your studs & mares produce even better than themselves. Showhorses bring home blues & trail horses bring you home safely.


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  1. jdenzel says:

    Do you realize that you’ve posted this 4 times?

  2. empressive says:

    No I didn’t post this 4 times that was my cousin! LOL

    In trying to keep a B-day lady out of the kitchen I left my phone unguarded. See I can get online and post with my phone. SO, my cousin Jaelyn, who is 2 years old, decided it would be fun to grab my phone instead of the icing. I found my phone some time later.

    Sorry everyone! I finally found out this morning.

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