Western Dressage at 2009 Shows

There was a news item a while back on the AMHA’s site about the new Western Dressage division:


Is this class being held at any shows this year?  I’ve been digging around but haven’t been able to find anything about this officially being offered as a competitive event at any Morgan shows this year.

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  1. wctigger says:

    There are two western dressage classes being held at the Citrus Cup Regional, which is next week. I don’t know how many people will enter, but I can let you know when I get back :)

  2. j.a.b. says:

    NYS Western District show and the Gold Cup both have it. THeir prizelists are available on line at http://www.morgangoldcup.com and http://www.nysmhs.org


  3. j.a.b. says:

    Also the NY Regional is offering one class

  4. Flmorgan says:

    I am going to Citrus Cup and have entered the classes however I can’t find any rules for the events except that Dressage Training Level 1 pattern will be used. I have the pattern but don’t know much else. I guess I’ll find out when we get there. Sounds like fun so my horse and I will give it a try. I wish someone would print up the rules.


  5. cowboy8 says:

    There is a new link to the new rules and specs on the AMHA website for Western Dressage. You can also find the link at: http://www.cowboydressage.com/news.html

    The classes are being offered at the Morgan Medallion and Mother Lode Show in CA this year.


  6. Flmorgan says:

    The Western Dressage went well at Citrus cup. The show as a whole was smaller this year. there were 2 of us in the Intro level and 2 of us in Training Level 1. I did find the rules before I left for the show. I got a score of 68% on the first test and 66.8 on the Training Level test 1. Not bad for a first try. It was fun and I’ll do it again. I know a few things I need to work on now. Hopefully more people will enter in the future.

  7. Saddlefitter says:

    What about 2011? Does anyone know what shoes will host Western Dressage Classes?

  8. Vintage_Rider says:

    If you google Western Dressage Association… there is a formal organization that may have a concise list for you. Just a thought.

  9. In May, the Southern States Regional (NC) and in September, The East Coast Morgan Sport Horse Classic (VA) are both holding The Western Dressage Divisions. Visit the websites for details http://www.SouthernStatesmhs.org and ecmshc.org

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