Signature Sale this weekend

Hi All:

would have given my eye-teeth to get out to this sale, unfortunately dance lessons and birthday parties take precedence! 

If any of you are going and don’t mind, could you let me know the prices of the Stonecroft horses that go through?  I really like these bloodlines, am curious to find out if any were in my range….


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  1. IED says:

    I agree; this would be very good to know :)

  2. kad says:

    The lowest yearling sold at $8500.00 and the highest went to I beleive $27,000.00 but was a no sale. There was also a $21,000 and an $18,000 but I do not know if they “sold” or not. Some REALLY nice horses to be had at this sale!! It was definately a buyers market.

  3. leslie says:

    The lowest yearling was $8500? Wow, that’s a huge jump from the Cochran sale last year. Is the Signature Sale generally a better sale? Or does the time of year make that much of a difference?

  4. amahill says:

    I think they are referring to the Stoncroft Yearlings that went thru the sale. Most of which were by Trillogy.

    Minus theses, I feel prices were low as expected.

  5. IED says:

    I know some very nice horses sold for low prices, but that’s about it..

  6. says:

    Hunter & western horses were practically being stolen. The Amish kept the prices up a little more on “trotting” horses. The lowest horse of the sale was $100. The highest was (I think) excluding the Stonecroft horses, 21,000. Almost every horse was presented in top shape, fat, shiny. The brunch was a very nice way to start the day but I have been both years and attendance was not as high this year as last. I suspect even Amish attendance was lower.

    I bought a mare that I am very happy with. This a the 2nd time I have bought a horse at this sale and it has been a pleasure at every step.


  7. StacyGRS says:

    Who did you buy? It looked like some very nice horses went thru.

  8. says:

    I bought “Chile Powder” (Tug Hill Whamunition x Futurity’s Musical Ice by Stony Hollow Ice Man) A 3 yr old filly from Blackridge. She is laying over in NJ until the International Health Papers are stamped. Then I am excited for her to get home to Ottawa, Ontario & get my husband to put the final stamp of approval LOL.


  9. StacyGRS says:

    I went down to Blackridge to look at her…she was super cute. Her grandfather, Banjo John, put those cute ears on everything he produced and they certainly got passed on to her! Congratulations and have fun!!!:)

  10. colwilrin says:

    Did anyone see Lookaway’s Fortune go through. She was near the end, maybe the second last.

    I was really interested in this mare and was wondering where she went.

  11. StacyGRS says:

    we liked her too…what a talented mare. I’d like to know where she went as well. And, if someone was there, I’d also like to know where Tomeri Tiamo went…we had her as a young mare and liked her…just like to keep track and know she’s in good hands:)

  12. says:

    Fortune looked great, I have some pics of her. Not sure how & if you can post pics on this blog. I am guessing she went to a show home as she was a higher selling horse. Tiamo, based on her size, colour & selling price, I suspect she went to the Amish. Sorry Stacy. While I was in the office paying for my beast, I overheard an Amish gentleman saying he could only take 11 horses in the trailer he had arranged and would have to come back for the rest!! He said he bought 14 or 17, I cannot recall. If you consider that just about 60 horses actually made it into the sales ring, that tells you where the majority of sales went. I know Conversation Piece went to a young Amish girl, who signed the ticket & looked really proud of herself.


  13. helkat says:

    Hi everyone! Yes the prices were great at the Signature Sale. To thoes that have been wondering about Lookaway’s Fortune aka Lucy she went to clients in my barn. Tom and Lois Roe bought her for their grandson Zach. They have a reining horse with me and overnighted Lucy at my barn. She then went home to their house on Sunday and the report is Zach rode her and all is well. He is a great rider and will eventually be showing her in the Jr. Exhibitor classes. They are excited and she got a really good home. I too bought a horse. I picked up a three year old filly, CBMF Mirror Image. She is out of Ben’s Rhapsody from the Copper Beech horses that went through. She was ridden through hunt and “no saled”. I was all to impressed with a three year old that has that much brains going through a sale this early in the year…so….I went back and bought her. She is proving to have a good mind and will make her debut this year in the show ring through Breezy Knoll Farm.
    Thank you for your intrest.
    Meredith Rosier
    Breezy Knoll Farm

  14. StacyGRS says:

    Well, Hopefully “Dolly” )Tiamo) will be a broodmare for one of the Amish show people…she is well bred and should have good babies. She herself won at Oklahoma both years we took her.
    thanks for the info,

  15. kflower says:

    Thank you all for the nice words about Fortune (Lucy) she went to a good home, the boy refused to leave her side after that hammer dropped. I can not wait to see her back in the Jr Ex ranks, she was truly one of my favorite horses, (I broke her as a young horse and have shown her the last few years)

  16. colwilrin says:

    Glad to hear Lucy found her child, and a great home. Thanks for the info!

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