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Western Equitation

I’m in my a-hem, twenties, and it’s been quite some time since my equitation days and I’ve forgotten some of the aspects of it. Something I noticed at a show last weekend, was that the kids who do very well in Western Equitation have their heels down and toes pointed almost inward to the horse….


So a thought came to me today (like so many do) and I started wondering about shoes. Horse shoes mainly the shoe shoes. Now I have seen them in many classes ranging form Park to Western, in many different lengths. I was wondering what the normal lengths are for In-Hand. And what are weights? I…

Looking for a side saddle

I have a daughter of a friend who is looking for a side saddle to purchase.  I know nothing of side saddles, other than the girl is 16 years old and tall for her age.  Anyone know of any to purchase?   Thanks,  Mark

Show outfit needed ladies 12-14 long??

I’m looking for a comlete show outfit size 12-14 ladies probably long. To show a copperry colored chestnut gelding in western amateur pleasure class A. If anyone knows where to buy something like this or might possibly know where one is it would bevery helpful! Thanks!!!

Morgan Show at Ramm Arena

Just getting some feed back to see if you guys would be interested in a Clinic with Morgans at our arena or even maybe set up a show? I’m located in NW Ohio. We also have Kenny Harlow coming for a Clinic the end of the Month, May 29th threw June 3rd and I think…

Showing Alone.

In May I am going to Kyova without a trainer. I used to be at a Morgan barn, but we had to leave. Now I have resorted to a trainer that lives farrrr away. Therefore, I can only go to a couple shows with her and will have to go to the rest alone. I…


Hey folks, I just want to remind all viewers and posters on this blog that it’s purpose is as a Morgan Horse Show blog. Retailers and other equine businesses are welcome to advertise on this site, but posting an advertisement to the blogroll is not acceptable. This will be considered spam and will be deleted….

Pay for WHAT!?

Ok… When going through some files I perused the AMHA file I have. Inside I found that I could sign in online the AMHA for exclusive content. Right. So I just got online to check it out and voila! Exclusive content so long as I pay a daily fee! Maybe it is because I am…

Chapter 10 – More Morgans

Chapter 10 More Morgans I meet the man who lives next door. He comes driving up to our shared “falling down fence.” Gerry Black is his name. Jerry seems to be an old man to me. When I first met him he is only ten years older than I am now. I am currently 65…

Custom Coloring Derbys

I just wondered if anyone could tell me how and what product(s) are used to custom color derbys to match your suit?  Thanks for the help!