What Classes Would YOU Enter?

I have gone to a lot of open shows recently and there is a lot of variety of classes so I was wondering what classes people would find interesting that we dont have now at the morgan A rated shows. These are a few that I have competed in and enjoyed:

Ranch Horse Trail

Halter- Western (I know we have sport horse and in hand, but not any western)

Showmanship 18 & Over

Equitation 18 & Over (with or without patterns, sometimes they are seperated)

I cant think of any others off the top of my head, I am sure there are more, but I just wanted to see what everyone thought…. Thanks



10 Responses to What Classes Would YOU Enter?

  1. getmorganizedkc says:

    I would LOVE to have showmanship and equitation for over 18! Equitation saddle seat and hunt seat (flat and o/f) and western horsemanship would be great!

  2. colwilrin says:

    I would love to see the bigger shows (ie: New England) bring back the Family Pleasure class and for halter: Produce of Dam and Get of Sire.

  3. jgarrett_fhf says:

    family pleasure…how does that class work, like one family member rides one way and the other does the other half, like in pro/am? thanks =)

    and thanks for your guys feedback! i agree with you getmorganizedkc, i love equitation and have missed it since i got out of jr exhib.

  4. jgarrett_fhf says:

    Oh and someone asked me about gaming…like poles and barrels, does anyone do this on their morgans? because I have just for fun at the fairs when I was in ffa. It wouldnt really be a show thing, but I am just wondering =)

  5. jns767 says:

    I would love to have adult equitation classes. I miss them as well. Also, I really like the “get” classes – they are really fun to watch and/or participate in.

    Jenny :)

  6. colwilrin says:

    I actually have no idea how the class worked, but think that the family pleasure was like a pairs class. Having only seen pictures of the victory passes in old Mags…that is my guess. I recall one picture that had family members riding horses that were related. It was so neat to see the history of our breed, and the pictures of legendary horses and morgan breeders/owners! Maybe one of the other bloggers recalls this class????

  7. 2girlsmom says:

    My sister and I were in a family class at New England years & years ago. I was 11 and rode Saddle Seat and my sister was 10 and rode western. We rode in matching colors and fought with each other the whole time. We did not do very well. However, my parents told us we had everybody on the rail and the Judge laughing at our banter back and forth. I believe the class was judged on the performance of the “horse & rider pair/group”. It was a pleasure class not equitation. The riders usually rode the same seat and dressed alike. I remember pairs that even had horses that looked a like. There was also a group of 3 men that rode western in the class the year we showed.

  8. SharonS says:

    For anyone in/near NY, both the WNY Show (May 22-24) and the NY Amateur Show (June 13-14) offer Western In Hand and Adult Equitation.

  9. jgarrett_fhf says:

    is there a lot of participation in those classes around NY?

  10. SharonS says:

    NY Regional also has Western In Hand, and yes, those are very popular classes. The adult equitation class at WNY has been very well-attended since it was added to the schedule. This year is the first year that adult eq will be offered at NY Amateur.

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