looking for the perfect home:)

I have a Morgan gelding that is not very old (I think he’s 9 or 10 IIRC) that needs a home. He is well broke to ride and drive and is about as safe as you could ever want one to be. He is quality and kind and smart and a super easy horse to have around. He was a finished show horse and has shown quite a bit. He has some soundness issues that we have thoroughly investigated and gotten to the bottom of (this horse has only been with us a brief time, so we don’t have actual history, only what the vets have discovered). Full disclosure and his x-rays along with the vet’s findings will go with him to his new home. I doubt this guy will ever show again, but he is a great horse that we think someone should be enjoying. He is pleasant on trails, although he isn’t going to take hard trail riding…he’s for someone like me that enjoys walking on nice trails, not trotting and galloping on cliffs and rocks:) He would be a wonderful horse for the person that has grandkids that want to come out and walk around on a horse, etc. You could have him turned out and not working for days/weeks and then get on him or hook him and he seems to act as if no time has passed. He is truely kind and has lots of knowledge. Basically, he’s OK for light use only. I don’t want this horse getting passed around or being run into the ground more…he’s a good guy and deserves a good person to enjoy him. Should he go to someone and they find in the future they can’t keep him, we’ll be happy to help re-home him again to ensure that he’s in a good spot. He has no bad habits, hauls,clips,bathes,ties, etc perfectly. If we don;t find someone for him, we’ll make sure he’s cared for ourselves, but we think he’d enjoy a person and light use and he doesn’t have that here. Anyone with interest can contact me via e-mail:

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