waiting and worried

As spring arrives so does the foaling. My mare is day 351 today. She has foaled on day 354 and 357 in the past. I keep waiting for wax but there is none yet. I dream of the foal being born almost every night. I have watched some dog show before I have gone to bed and dreamt that she had a white poodle, how crazy is that. Oh well I love the whole process. It is such a special moment that I am so fortunate to have experienced in the past.

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  1. bluedesiign says:

    Don’t forget to call me when it’s time! I am so excited for you!

  2. StacyGRS says:

    We have one about to pop too:) But she’s a pretty young,healthy,experienced mom so we aren’t worrying too much about her. She is in the foaling pen next to the house and we check on her throughout the night, but she usually waits until she has peace and quiet before she has her foals.
    Have fun!

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