Bri-B Crystalpiece

Bri-B Crystalpiece

This is a 2 year old we have going through the Signature Sale in April, at the deadline for the sale we did not have pictures, however now we do and this seemed like a good way to get them out there!! He is a big flashy long necked stud colt, very easy to work around, and has been nothing but willing since we started working him. He is a full brother to Bri B XTC who won the three year old Grand National Stallions class in 07. Someone will be very lucky to get this one!!

Kathleen Flower
Lookaway Farm




5 Responses to Bri-B Crystalpiece

  1. Windenhill says:

    WOW. I have a two year old marked exactly like this one, but he sure doesn’t look anything like him. Wanna trade? HA! Love this guy!

  2. nightmusicfarms says:

    Is this horse two this year?

  3. kflower says:

    Yes he just became a two year old…a very big two year old! and thank you, we like him alot, Im not sure that trading is in the cards…but he is in the sale!! haha :)

  4. empressive says:

    Hey, did he sell at the sale? I cannot imagine him not selling, he really is beautiful.

  5. says:

    He did! And he was FABULOUS! The pics on here cannot capture the size & presence he had in person. It was like a forcefield! We watched him work on the friday night and a crowd followed him to the arena lol. Luman Wadhams bought him, for who, I do not know. Seeing him was one of the highlights of the sale for me.


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