New Poll: How Much Are You Showing?

I was just thinking about how many shows I am planning on attending this year and was wondering what other’s plan are. How many shows are you planning on traveling to this year? Comment on this post to let us know which ones.

2 Responses to New Poll: How Much Are You Showing?

  1. Merlcann08 says:

    I voted 4 shows, but they could all end up being small shows in Michigan. Depends on how the horse is going.

  2. Unfortunately I have to miss three of our biggest shows this summer. Two because I will be studying abroad in Ireland, and the other due to the MSU Arabian sale. So I won’t be attending the MJMHYA Classic, Morgan Showtime or the MHSA Spring shows here in MI. So I guess that leaves me with MI All-Morgan, and MMHBF Futurity for Class A shows. Possibly Gold Cup if we can get enough people to go. We’ll probably do 3-5 other smaller MHSA and open shows also.

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