Carole Mercer/Dancing Morgans at AMHA Convention

On Feb.13th a new storm was racing in to cover the Southern Oregon Cascades with snow. I had one choice, make a run for California or  not go to the AMHA convention in Sacramento, California because of blocked and closed mountin passes. Sacarmento is 8 hours form my home in Eagle Point , Oregon. I made the run to go  and was caught in the biggest blizzard that the Cascades has held in years. Nancy , my friend , was driving my huge rig. We barely made it over the mountins behind three snow plows. We left at 6 pm rather than wait for morning and not been able to go at all. The mountains usually take 4 hours to cross. We went 20 miles an hour and rolled into Red Bluff at 1 am. The  mountian and pass crossing had taken 7 terrifying hours. The roads were closing behind us as we followed the snow plows. No time to stop for anything. If we had stopped we whould have been trapped in the snow.

The Red Bluff fair grounds were locked up tight. One more move for the poor economy in California. The places thaat used to be open for horse travelers are now closed. The snow was pouring rain. We had no where to go. Finally we landed in the parking lot of the Indian Cacino. The water in the parking lot was three inches deep and flowwing like a river. The hiway was worse. The horses travel in box stalls so they were fine. We crawled up into the bunks and  dropped into sleep instantly. We woke up at daylight , ate breakfast and continued on our way. It was still raining.

I had reservations for the horses at Willow Creek Horse Park, just outside of Davis. I cannot say enough nice things about Willow Creek Horse Park. Huge , clean stalls with great runs off the stalls. Perfect arena, nice help and clean showers for guests. I could keep the mares ridden and in shape for the perfomance. Mother Nature poured down rain. It rained at least 8 to 9 inches for three days. California needs the rain. I was glad that we where in such an great place. The sun came out the day before my performance and so did the TV stations. I did a demo for the TV station and one for Willow Creek Horse Park as my thank you for all the perfect help while staying at  Willow Creek  Horse Park.

On Thursday, Feb,19th I loaded up horses  and drove 30 minutes to Woodland Stallion Station. The AMHA turn out was light, but my performance was very well received. I was given a beautiful buckle for my promotion all over the world of Morgan horses. The Magic Mountin Morgan Horse Club  gave me the buckle. Nancy Savage and Bill Pettis presented the buckle.

I loaded up right after my performace at noon and drove straight home to Eagle Point. The roads were clear and dry. I had to make it home before the next serries of storms rolled in. We were so glad to be safely home. We had been gone for a week.

I am letting everyone know that I have applied to the Morgan Idol program and directly to the WEG.

Here is my new motto- Here we come:

Carole Mercer/Dancing Morgans

World Equestrian Games

Kentucky Horse Park


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  1. jns767 says:

    Wow, what a scary trip to California – it sounds like it was worth it though. Congrats on your buckle and performance!!

  2. Jan says:

    As usual, Carole, your writing makes me feel like I was sitting beside you all the way. White knuckles as well….You are a talented ambassador and your dedication is truly appreciated!

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