An acquaintance is a person you meet for the first time and know very little about them personally. I would consider everyone on this site an acquaintance. I am not going to say, “Hey somebody can I get a discount on your breeding stallion?” No that is wrong. (although if somebody would give me a discount awesome LOL JK)

So I got curious. This last year I have been asked multiple times about knowing trainers. Including people asking me to tell so & so something or what not, that’s the part that gets me. Of course, I do not really know anyone. Granted I help around drop a ribbon I’ll pick it up that kind of stuff. Trainers have remembered me and at later shows have engaged me in conversation. While passerbies seem to think I personally know these trainers.

Yeah! You heard me I quote one lady even said, “Well if you were talking with “so & so” for that long you know him/her.” What!? Yeah, I have actually been getting that. So just out of curiosity anybody have any “defining” awkward moments? Kind of like my recent one for a saddlebred trainer, I did not know. Crimson words, “Take this saddle and bridle to barn A for me will ya’?” Sure like a good little horse show kiddie…

P.S. Hey I finally used the Select a Catagory bit at the bottom here! Actually it’s rather silly cause’ I never really took notice of it before. Awkward.

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  1. jns767 says:

    I’ve had some awkward moments for sure. Mine are more or less due to who I am affiliated w/. I am eager to meet as many people as I can, and think of horse shows as fun had with people that have common interests. I’ve had a handful of shows that were just awkward tense messes – I can’t really get into it anymore, but it’s difficult when not everyone in a barn gets along….I have some stories :).

  2. its ok jns… we all still like you :)

    getting to meet new people is one of my favorite things about horse shows. normally, i’m a painfully shy person. to the point where people in my classes usually think im being snobby. but at horse shows i know i have something in common with every single person there, and it really brings out the best in me. i’ll talk to just about anyone, congradulate or compliment anyone i see fit, and love to just chat with whoever i’m standing next to.

  3. empressive says:

    Yeah JNS it all good.

    I too have had embarrassing moments and have had been thrown out of pre-paid box seats. Yeah not cool. Still I try to be a funny person if I am not in deep thought I am always trying to make somebody laugh. So long as no one is hurt!

    I admit when I first started showing I was that bubbly new kid with all the questions bouncing everywhere anlyzing everything. A regular pain to the trainers who graciously hid their real feelings and thoughtfully answered my questions to the best of their abilities.

    Then after some kids (in short) dissed me basically. I kind of drew back. Became shy. It hurts when kids your own age don’t like you. Naw, somebody should get together funny moments from Morgan horse shows. Boy I bet everyone here could fill a few books!

  4. jns767 says:

    Oh – I just thought of an embarrassing moment. A few years ago, I entered an AOTS class and won it. I was thrilled, of course UNTILLLLL the horse show staff came over and dq’d me because I didn’t own the horse I was showing. It turns out that AOTS means AMMY OWNED TRAINED AND RIDDEN. I did the training and the riding, but I didn’t do the owning – poo – it helps to know what acronyms mean before you go into ANY class at a show. It was very embarrassing to say the least.

  5. jns767 says:

    I mean – aots= Amy owned trained and shown – I think ;)

  6. empressive says:

    Oh that stinks. Boo-Hoo.

    I was in a class and a good friend of mine was riding a stallion. She came in after me and suddenly she was announced to leave. Of course, I left too because we were supposed to be in the same class. So at the time it seemed obvious for me to leave too! Wrong. They started calling me back. So back in I went.

    Then they sent me back out. Then they called both of us back in. Yeah fun. Come to find they were combining classes and we had been in an open class which didn’t coincide with some other class they were trying to combine us with. That show was a mess. But we had fun.

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