Equine Insurance……

I’m just curious how many people actually insure their horses.  I know it’s quite expensive and wonder if it’s money well spent.    I would like to know others opinions on this matter. 

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  1. IED says:

    IMO it is completely worth it for the peace of mind it offers. Depending on how much you insure your horse for, it isn’t too terribly cost prohibitive in the grand scheme of things.

    Once that colic surgery eventually happens, you’ll be glad you have it.

  2. bella92290 says:

    IMO it is a good idea also. We have it through Hallmark and the peace of mind it awesome.

  3. stretch says:

    I carry both mortality and major medical insurance on my show horse. Yes it is expensive, but if I lost him it would be a very big financial loss.

  4. Merlcann08 says:

    I carried mortality on my youngster for the first couple of years. Then I decided not to because the insurance company can dictate the care of the horse. For instance, if you make the decision to not proceed with a colic surgery or whatever, the insurance company can insist that it be done. I wanted to be in control of the decisions. I am not worried about replacement as he is one of a kind and I wouldn’t necessarily buy the same again.

  5. 2girlsmom says:

    I keep mortality and major medical on my kids show horse. With the amount of money we invest in the horse, training,lessons, shows,etc. I consider it a small price to pay for the piece of mind if God forbid something happens.

  6. colwilrin says:

    I keep mortality on my show horses. It is a relatively small expense given the investment into the horse.

  7. Beth says:

    I lost am uninsured, but relatively inexpensive showhorse to an obscure freak disease. Not only did I lose my horse, but the money I had invested, plus medical bills. It was extra stress in a time of tragedy that I didnt need. I will never not have a show horse uninsured again. My next horse got an abcess after being gelded and it was covered with major medical. Definitely worth it.

  8. cbaker says:

    It’s money well spent. I had a mare break a leg and the cost for surgery was far greater than the amount of money I spent on the insurance premium. I keep all my show horses insured.

  9. amahill says:

    I can say it is by far the best money spent every year especially on a show horse with the given investment.
    I can say that while you do have to call the insurance company before any “final” decisions are made, they will 99.9% of the time refer to the Vet. and go with the decision the vet has made.

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