The Cost of ?

I place the following before you and I ask that you take this as both a business person and lover of horses. What do believe is the cost of this…

Lease a mare in Florida and breed her by fresh semen. Find that the mare has 2 embryos. Lease a second mare and embryo transfer. Once the foals are ready ship them both to California from Florida.

I continue…
The foals are bluebloods their pedigree would read like this. Offspring of Serenity Masterpiece and grandbabies of Nobleflaire through their Dam. One babe is a filly and the other is a colt.

Now when the foals are 2 years oldgive one away… for free. You pay for the transfer of ownership and resgistering the foal. Plus give 3 weeks of training with a very good trainer with the foal.

Could anyone here do that regardless of your current position with the magical part, for some of us, that you have already paid for the foals and shipped them out? And the person you give the horse to could be anyone a kid, anybody.

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  1. Flmorgan says:

    I’m curious as to why someone would do all that? I don’t know what that would cost. Sure is involved to say to least.

  2. kad says:

    I too am curious. It seems a little hard to follow.

  3. empressive says:

    Kad what part confuses you maybe I can clear it up. The first paragraph is my initial question Second paragraph is the what happened whether you put yourself in the first person view as the breeder paying to breed and lease the mare and embryo transfer or whether you view the situation from the outside as a standerby.

    The 3rd paragraph is a comparison. A likening if you will as to the value of the mare and offspring that the “breeder” has bred. You see I also asked if any one could guess the cost of such a situation. Including a sample pedigree helps.

    The last paragraph is supposed to be a conclusion or the ending which normally would include my thoughts on the subject but, it is a question to those on the site. Say a little brain teaser. The whole subject is a random question that through some rather interesting things I have come to a decided to simply throw it out there.

    I am not trying to step on toes or the like I just thought it interesting.

    Flo! You do not have to know what it costs! It is simply a random question basically asking if you were in the position as a breeder could you simply give one of those foals away? And not to a friend or family. (probably should have added that to the top) As for the reason to do any of this consider the breeder a real breeder you want to breed the best so you go out and get it.

    Well everyone I am actually typing this on my phone. No I am not on my computer. And my fingers are cramping as it is very late and I do need my rest or would like to get some before life starts again. So Goodnight and sorry if I did not make you laugh.

  4. empressive says:

    P.S. Please forgive my misspelling and if I am still confusing I am sorry. Hitting clear or back to delete words (in my case by letters) to much erases the WHOLE thing. Ya it stinks. But I really have to love the internet capabilities! Why I can even post right now. HeHe Night!

  5. annette says:

    I do understand as we too have elected to give away perfectly nice registered Morgans. As a breeder, if you want to continue breeding, you have to cut your losses! Every foal is not going to be a money maker! Therefore, when a viable home becomes available (most often 4-H) we like to look at it as a win-win situation! Sometimes a give away becomes something more than what we expected-which is also a good thing for promotion sake! But, in the meantime, we are cutting our overhead- and we are giving a young person the opportunity to promote a Morgan at the 4-H level. These kids are so excited to have a Registered Morgan!

  6. colwilrin says:


    That is a great thing to do, and what a fantastic way to get outsiders exposed to the breed. Truly a win-win.

  7. empressive says:

    Thanks Annette,

    You are truly a tribute to the breed. The question stemmed from a number of recent conversations with people looking to sell there horses not to mention those who breed 20 head every year and then complain that they cannot sell these horses. HA!

    The situation above though is a real one. I do for a fact know the breeders and both horses who are each doing very well. The breeders have given a few horses away in the past. From what I know of them only geldings to get kids into the breed.

    I just thought it was rather interesting. Annette it is funny though a friend of mine helps the 4-H horse division.


  8. annette says:

    We too have regularly bred 20 or so foals, always hoping and watching for the homerun! This year we are expecting around a dozen! We have approximately 80 Morgans on the farm. Other than the brood mares, each horse is constantly being evaluated. (The brood mares are evaluated by their foals) In order to keep the business running, you have to be willing to take some risks and concentrate on those that are MOST likely to fulfill your needs-whatever your needs might be! For the sake of the breed, breeders have to continue to breed-even in the face of a poor economy. The difference is that the ability to create revenue from this business is a greater challenge. Which leads us back to the willingness to give them away to a good home!

  9. empressive says:

    Sorry Annette,

    For coming of as rude to people that breed that many horses. It came from talking to a lady that breeds Quarter horses. She has over 100 head and complained that she was having the hardest time selling them. Not to mention that she also had 20 foals she would need room for and was already trying to figure out which mares she would re-breed.

    Of course I asked her how many horses she was going to breed she said 20 or more. The complained about how hard it was sell some of these foals. So I asked her if she might consider donating one of these horses for auction at a show maybe with the proceeds going to help the show or maybe even giving a horse to a kid. You know I got a flat out NO. SHe said she could never do that that all of her horses were performance horses that could make money.

    I shrugged it off no big deal. These were her horses and money. I just got a funny kick out of it. You know what I mean. The comment was directed at her but of course nobady knew what had happened so sorry. My bad.

  10. jns767 says:

    I think this is an interesting topic. In fact, the other day I discovered a blog/website that I have been enthralled with the past few days. (Abovelevel is the best though, BEB)! Anyway, the blog/website does get a little bit PG13 with some of the wordage (swearing), but it’s is really amusing, sad and interesting. It’s: and it hits topics such as Stallions that SHOULD NOT be stallions, BAD horse rescue farms and bad training. There’s also a link to which is hilarious as well.

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