Morgans in Jeopardy!

Our  riding club in northern Maryland was contacted by a concerned citizen and rescuer in PA’s Indiana Township regarding several Morgans and other breeds that are allegedly being neglected and starved at Camp Deer Creek.  Below are links to stories that have been published about the camp.  

We have been in touch with the original owners of the Morgans. Together, we are attempting to work toward gettting these horses the assistance they desperately need.  However, a recent attempt at rescue went awry.

Although we have not seen these horses in person, it appears, from the published stories, that there is a true need for our close-knit Morgan community to get involved and place some much-needed pressure on the Humane Society to have these horses attended to promptly.

What can you do?  Call the Western PA Humane Society, (412) 321 4657, and demand further investigation and contact the local media to further spotlight this camp!

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