New Poll – The Economy and Shows

The economic crisis that the US (and the world) is facing has affected everybody in some capacity. Some more than others. I will admit, it has caused me to make some very difficult choices regarding my horses, breeding, and showing.

I am wondering how it is affecting others and how it will affect the numbers of exhibitors and horses this show season. Please vote on the new poll and/or comment on this post to let us know how it is affecting you.

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  1. The area we have been hurt in it our lessons. I think I have lost a lesson kid/ month since last summer. Our camp season is most severely hit though, this year we’re dropping the prices and definitely advertising like mad, hoping to at least be able to run our camps. Our numbers for training and boarding have actually increased though. We’re also in MI, which does not help our cause at all.

  2. colwilrin says:

    Just as Obama described the economy in general “it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

    We have been seeing the affects of the economy on our industry the past few years. Tranfers, registrations, membership, and advertising/subscription revenue all decreased. People who are savvy economy buffs (definitely not me) have seen this coming for years, and began to slowly cut back…or at least not increase their expenditures. Others like me just felt it brewing the past year or so, and are now trying to budget better.

    Given the make-up of the current Legislative and Executive branches…coupled with an economy in deep doo-doo after several administrations allowed lending to people who they knew couldn’t afford to pay it back…the government will do the obvious…raise taxes.

    This will, in turn, take a bigger chunk out of the average consumer’s expendible income. We all know how that will affect our industy.

    So, until the government finally figures out that the consumers can not help right the economy when they have been taxed into a state of panicked money-hoarding (can you tell I live in NY?)…the breed will have to weather the storm.

    Now is the time not only for Morgan owners of all disciplines to unite, but time for us to also reach out to other breeds to form a strong equine lobby to ensure the future of pleasure horses in general.

    Horses aren’t a necessity any more (well…unless gas goes up again!). They are a luxury…just like yachts, sports cars, and vacation homes. Outsiders don’t see that it is an industry, upon which some rely for income. As such, outsiders will be hard pressed to find sympathy for our pleas to keep the industry viable, which they view as a luxury hobby.

    …as I step down from my soapbox, and compose an email to David Patterson explaining why I am against his proposed tax on cows who belch and flatulate.

  3. EdanaLL says:

    I just posted about this very same topic on another list I belong to. I’m a show organizer,so I am very concerned about whether people plan to cut back on their showing or not. My particular show is in its infancy (this will be our second year), so I think we are particularly vulnerable.
    Most of the people who responded to me were planning on a full slate of events this year, unless their personal situation changed. I’m planning to do the same. Should I be socking money away instead of showing this year? Perhaps. But at least the thought of the summer show season keeps my mind off the gloomy economic news and gives me something to help pull through this horrible winter. Besides… I could save my money and then get hit by a bus, and then I’ll be REALLY pissed that I didn’t get to show my horse! (very big grin)

  4. nightmusicfarms says:


    This was a really timely question. I was, to borrow a phrase from Pete’s homeland, gobsmacked to see how big the Commerative issue from the Connection was this past year. I did not expect to see so many people advertising and would be willing to bet a healthy sum, (had I any money left) that this year will see a significant reduction in ad revenue and quite likely in show participation.

    I hope to heck we see a big, big decrease in breedings, although it is hard on the stallion owners. This is simply not the market to be populating our breed with more and more foals, if for no other reason than finding suitable homes is a huge, huge challenge. It is ironic, but much like real estate. I have never wished more that I had discretionary funds for both, because the fabulous deals are head spinning.


  5. jns767 says:

    I am still planning on attending a few shows, but my hopes of purchasing a young horse, putting him/her in training and the hitting the “big time” are on hold for another year or so…I am looking forward to horse hunting – there are some wonderful horses for sale at great prices right now. Aside from that, this year, I will stay at local shows and only hit up 1-3…this is the norm for me :(.

  6. leslie says:

    I don’t know how much showing I’ll do, but the economy doesn’t have much to do with my decision. My personal financial situation hasn’t changed much since last show season, though I guess the constant stream of stories about widespread layoffs might convince me to be more cautious with my spending.

    I do hope the economy convinces some people to slow down on breeding or lay off for a year or two.

  7. empressive says:

    Wow economy.

    For me everything matters as I am going into college. Fact of though is that the economy is also very hyped up and depending upon who you talk to you will get different answers and ideas.

    I do know alot of people in both the construction, realty, sales, etc. And considering all the buyer’s market is doing well in realty. Commercial construction is growing. Granted other parts of industry are failing.

    This may sound harsh but, from what I see and what others talk about the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer while the middle class fades away.

    As for breeding horses a bunch of quarter horse ranches around here are still breeding on average… (get ready) 15 give or take mares this year.

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