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Just wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with Tug Hill Celebrity babies. I have a coming 2 year old by him and (while I know bloodlines aren’t everything) I would like to know what people have thought of his babies so far. I’ve seen lots of produce by Man About Town LPS that I have liked, but not many other direct produce of THC. According to the breeder I got my boy from, his daddy was pretty infertile so his babies are somewhat scarce. Are there any other nice horses by him around that I’ve missed? I wish I could post a picture of him, but apparently I’m a bad owner and don’t have any :(

PS: here’s my boys full pedigree, let me know what you think and be honest… since I’m still “green” to the morgan world I’m always interested in other peoples opinions, and I won’t take too much offense :)
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  1. StacyGRS says:

    IIRC Raehurst Bonnie Lass and Simple Dreams are both by Celebrity. Those 2 just came to me off the top of my head…I know there’s quite a few more that we all know.

  2. Windenhill says:

    Here are a few more: Reuben-Ides Celebrates, SSCL Unique Creations, Twin Peaks Limitless, KGA Picasso, and the up and coming sire Century Bon Jovi. Based on the total number of get he’s sired (103), that’s not a great “winner” record, IMO. But everyone who’s ever seen Celebrity in person has said he is just one of the most beautiful individuals in the breed. Perhaps he just hasn’t bred the right mare yet? Interesting to note is that his best two foals (Man About Town LPS and Simple Dreams) are singles–their dams were never bred back to Celebrity: MI First Love & Devan Melmore.

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