You see?

Hi Guy’s and Gal’s,

As many of you know I am overly-curious. Probably to the point that killed the cat. Anyway, what is the first thing you see when you look at a horse? Besides disposition which of course is one of the first items on anyone’s checklist. When you close your eyes and them open them with a horse in front of you… what do you see?

Maybe it’s the head or neck or some other part of the horse? My Mom always sees the pretty faces. (love her to pieces when I say, “Mom the face isn’t the only part on a horse.”) But, what catches others? Could it even be the color? Maybe someone only catches the horses obvious or immediate faults.

But, on average, what do you see? 

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  1. morapt says:

    My first thought is reading your post was the eye but that leads to disposition. As far as type goes I think it’s the neck. I like a long neck that a horse can use well.

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