I don’t know much about the breeding aspect of Morgans – as far as Stallions go anyway, but I do know that I love this horse. I thought the beginning is befitting of our wintery wonderland in the midwest. Pretty pretty ;). I do NOT own this video.

[Video embeded - BEB]

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  1. parktrot says:

    K Hummel…I would like to pick your brain for a minute and see what you would cross with my mare…by harlequin and out of a UVM promise mare…She looks like Harlequin and moves like him, long neck, narrow head, very pretty. She’s 14.3 I just got her. She had been in a field for 7 years doing nothing. I have some ideas for a stallion but I wanted to see what other opinions are out there.

  2. parktrot says:


    I’m looking for something with size, motion, and beautiful head hers is quite narrow. Over all very pretty girl…

  3. khummel says:

    parktrot Please Email me privately at with your return email address

  4. 10jloftus says:

    wow nice video. After watching that he’s one of my favorite morgans

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