Morgan trouble.


Thought I would try to make somebody laugh. I was a few months ago given a Paso Fino gelding. I don’t think he is a Paso anymore. Heck, I would bet He doesn’t think he’s a Paso anymore. Although he is a blue blood to some of the best Fino stallions in that breed… my baby thinks he is a Morgan. He even has a nice square trot something similar to Classic Pleasure when being worked.

Needless to say the breeders (my friends) and trainer (a friend too) are not impressed. It seems my Morgans have made an everlasting impression on the boy. So much for everybady wanting to be a cat! It seems smart horses want to be Morgans after all. Ha! Now that’s some horse!  

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  1. denu220 says:

    Well Nikki, he knows a good thing when he sees one! (Paso Finos are a nice breed also, just different ;))

  2. Trisha says:

    Our 2yr old Morgan and spotted saddle colts have been together since shortly after birth. One of the spotted colts is always flagging and prancing around like the morgan colts… though he’s flagging and gaiting while the Morgans are trotting. haha.

  3. empressive says:


    Glad I could get some laugh’s! He is a weird little colt but, I do love him dearly. ANd am glad that he is starting to take after my Morgans.

    In another topic everyone was raving good and bad over our firebreathing dragons. It is funny because since I got the colt I have been hoping he would take after my firebreathing Morgans! Which he seems to have and it has greatly boosted his confidence in himself.

    Before I got him he was beyond timid around not only humans but horses too! Whether these horses were buddies or not.

    P.S. Denu the Fino horses are actually quite alike to the Park horses. I had the opportunity to show a Fino mare for 2 years. Boy! That was some ride even though it was really slow!

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