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Hi Everyone,

I hope you and your critters are warm and toasty! And if you are in a lovely area like SoCal, I’d ask that you please pass along that 78 degree weather to the rest of us! :) 

There are so many knowledgeable large and small breeders on this site – I wanted to get your opinions.  I confess, I am a bloodline addict.  I love researching, learning and daydreaming about crossing different lines and horses. I often think about a cross and wonder if anyone has done it before (most likely they have) – I would love to know how some of these have turned out.  

 I know there are a few nicks that many breeders aim for, and I wanted to know what has worked for you in the past, consistently.  For example, I know a trainer that used to say a few “golden crosses” were Trophy with Nocturne, or Willy Wild w/Commando…

What would you add to the pile of good crosses?  What were the results?  I am looking to learn about all possible bloodline crosses (WW, show-type and Lippitt), not just the popular ones. 


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  1. empressive says:


    HA! If my dad heads back there to Virginia any time soon (supposed to back for almost all of Feb) I send some sunshine with him!

    My Uncle actually studied genetics and challenged me to “basically” go thru my horsey genetics and find what crossed best, etc using the Morgan standard as the major goal.

    Let’s say it’s tough. One of the requirements was to look at every angle of breeding a horse to another horse. In essance we have had some very long discussions and heated. He is not a horse person and has worked with Noble Prize winners. You can only imagine my face when I told him something was a possibility and he said not good enough. Wonderful summer vactations.

    I think the FlairexBeamington evidenced in Nostradamus and HVK Bell Flaire is very nice. Maybe using the Beamington blood as a catalyst and toss in other bloodlines with range. Like Superman, Serenity, Harliquin, Treble’s, working lines. I do not think I would use Lippitt because it would take advantage of the heavier Beamington lines. Instead I would cross Lippit straight to the Flaire or Serenity lines without any intervention of other blood. I think it would be neat to see the Devan blood crosses to the Serenity blood. Still this is getting too long Sorry. Oh add Promise blood to the FlairexBeamington cross. I noticed more people crossing the Color horses to the more Park style horses and getting nice hybrid results. I think they lack though in shorter backs and better necks. Yeah just wait somebodys going to come NOW read this and go no, no, NO! I sit back no and wait.


  2. JustFineThankYou says:

    Thanks, Empressive! No one else? :(

  3. StacyGRS says:

    Well, right now I am loving MLF Sharper Image (Sharp Shooter X J’st Coastin Countess) with Flaire bred mares! He has produced 2 babies out of Flaire bred mares old enough to show and both have been reserve World Champions as 2 yr olds. This combo seems to really get the talent from the Flaire that we all love while adding in the great type and zest for life of Sharper Image. They are just fun…My mare just had a full sibling to State of Grace (Sharper Image X Bellamor) and she’ll get bred back. I just can’t think of a reason to change…there’s nothing I’d fix about the results.

    StacyGRS | Jan 19, 2009 | Reply

    PS…I’m not a veteran breeder, but I do pay attention and help guide many clients:)

  4. empressive says:

    I got to see MLF Sharper Image in Santa Barbara a few years ago. He really was awesome to see. Great little horse.

    I am glad he is passing on nice babies, and that you are getting to enjoy them. Actually, though he does go back to Beamington, right? That would be a Wasseka/Flaire/Beamington cross. Akin to Nostradomus and Bell Flaire?

    Brain thinks to much. Have a nice week everyone!

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