2009 Signature Sale

Many of you may have noticed that I have not been particularly active on the blog for the last few weeks. Early in December I was approached by Jim and Jenny Taylor and asked to design a new website for the Signature Morgan Consignment Sale. I was thrilled to be given this opportunity and have had a great time working with them on producing an interesting and informative website.

The Signature Sale will be ran this year on April 3-4, 2009 and once again will be held at The Champions Center in Springfield, Ohio. To see the new website go to www.signatureequinesales.com (and if you would like to make a comment or suggestion please feel free to comment on this post).

Hope you all like it! – BEB

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  1. swevans3232 says:

    I happened upon the site on Thursday, while checking the dates. I was impressed, thought it looked great.

  2. GoodLookinGal says:

    Great website! Well done, BEB!

  3. this might be alittle off topic, but how does tis specific sale compare to the others?
    the reason i ask is because this one is the closest to where im located and will (hopefully) be in the market for a prospect around that time. so how does it compare (quality, prices, breeding-wise?}

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks for the compliments. Any feedback I get is greatly appreciated. I would like to do more of this type of work so finding out what people like or don’t like in websites is very helpful to me.

    As a response to you, Carley, I do know that the Signature Sale is intended to target show horses but I think you can find all different types and levels of Morgans going through. I was not able to attend last year (Wanted to but unfortunately my mare decided that was the weekend she needed to have her filly). I do know that some very nice horses went through along with some not as nice horses (same you get at any auction). My friend bought a nice 2yr old and is very happy with her purchase. I think you will find all kinds.

    Did anybody else out there attend and have any thoughts?

  5. colwilrin says:

    I attended last year and bought a 3 year old hunter. Despite our late start with him, he held his own at OKC. We are very pleased with him. He was purchased from a breeder who we are familiar with and see on our show circuit. I had also owned a mare they bred during my Jr. Exhib years that I loved.

    Weeks before the auction, my trainer called the agent/breeder and asked extensive questions to determine whether the horse would suit our purposes. Consequently, we were pretty set on buying him before the auction. The last step was to just watch him move.

    We are thrilled with him, and the auction (my first) was a positive experience for me.

    BTW…I also owned another horse who was purchased at Cochran by the people I bought him from. We showed western for a decade, and he was one of my all time favorite horses. So, IMO, auction horses can be good investments.

  6. ApplewayFarm says:

    Personally I was THRILLED with the 2008 Signature Sale! I purchased (with Lynn Peeples as my agent) Uppercase Innovation at that sale and he has progressed wonderfully with Lynn and Kathy Peeples at Waterford. I have a blast riding him at home (Waterford) and hope to show him this upcoming season in Amateur English Pleasure.

  7. colwilrin says:

    Does anyone know when the books will be mailed out?

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