Whitman cutback saddle for sale

I am selling a 21 inch Whitman cutback saddle.  I purchased the saddle around 1990 but it hasn’t been used much.  The seat looks brand new and the flaps have some wear from the stirrup leathers rubbing.  I have pictures of the saddle available.  I’m asking $500 for the saddle plus shipping.  The last time I used this saddle was seven years ago and it has been kept in a saddlebag. 

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  1. cmeyers178 says:

    I’m very interested in your saddle. Would you say it is show quality and if so could you send photos to cmeyers178@comcast.net Thank you

  2. SaddleUp158 says:

    Could I get your email address? I have a friend that is very interested in your saddle and would like to contact you. My email is saddleup158@cox.net. Thank you.

  3. GaiterGirl says:

    Is this saddle still for sale?

  4. lmstew says:

    If this saddle is still available, I’d like to see pics of it – if it has adjustable bars. Thank you.

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