Do you know who is Judging?

Before I spent hours trying to look this up at a million different websites, I thought I would field it to you guys first, being you are all so on top of things! :-) Have the judge(s) been announced for the following Horse Shows?

UPHA Spring Premiere
Vermont Spring Classic
New England Regional

Thanks for any and all help.

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  1. wctigger says:

    On the AMHA website, it says that Terry Brennan and Todd Trushel are the judges for 2009.

  2. wctigger says:

    For the New England Regional, Sorry I forgot to finish my comment. :)

  3. colwilrin says:

    Terry Brennan seems to be a misprint on the website.

    See below:

    Seventieth Year
    The American Morgan Horse Association Region 1 Championship Show
    USEF Equestrian Regular Member Show – A rated; USDF and ADS Recognized
    Three County Fairgrounds, Northampton, Massachusetts
    July 19 – 25, 2009
    Mr. Larry Bolen, Perrysburg, Ohio
    Stallions and Mares In Hand, Park Harness, English Pleasure, Road Hack,
    Classic Pleasure Driving, Roadster, Futurity

    Mr. Todd Trushel, Fairview, Pennsylvania
    Specialties In Hand, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Trail, Stock Seat and Hunt Seat on the Flat,
    Hunt/Western Seat, Leadline and Walk and Trot, Miscellaneous, Futurity

    Ms. Ann Speck, Valley Center, California
    Geldings In Hand, Park Saddle, Pleasure Driving, Classic Pleasure Saddle, Saddle Seat Equitation and
    Saddle Seat Equitation Leadline and Walk and Trot, Futurity

    Debbie S. Banfifield, Kentucky
    Carriage Driving

    Ms. Lisa Foster, Massachusetts
    Hunters, Jumpers, Hunt Seat Medal over Fences

    Ms. Ida Anderson, Maine

  4. Scottfield03 says:

    Thanks guys!

    I have shown under Todd, and know what to expect from him. I have not shown under the other two, but certainly respect their contributions to the Morgan World, and am hopeful that these are fair-minded horsemen. I am putting together my ’09 show schedule, and am deciding whether or not to pursue New England this year. I would appreciate any thoughts on the judging panel, but think that this is not the right spot to field those opinions. If you guys have experience under these judges, could you email me privately at

    Also, any idea who the judge is for Vermont? Thanks!

  5. morganrider says:

    From the Saddlehorse Report:
    27th Annual UPHA 14 Spring Premier
    April 25 – 29 Entries close March 6
    Susi Day (ASB, Hackney, Equitation, Misc)
    Sandy Sessick (Morgan, Misc)
    Prize Lists will be on

  6. Scottfield03 says:

    Thank you very much!! ~Alicia

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