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Happy New Year

2008 has been a difficult year for many.  With the economic collapse, disputes within our breed, and life’s inevitable challenges, it has been interesting.  My wish for 2009 is that we all weather the financial recession, have more “ups” than “downs”, and that our beloved breed thrives despite the internal conflicts of its human members.  Hopefully…

Chapter 5-Morgan Horses in the First Year; by Carole Mercer

The following is a chapter by Carole Mercer sent to me for posting. Enjoy… Chapter 5 Morgan Horses in the First Year I buy more horses. I arrive with my Morgan Mare, Suzi, from California. I buy Quarter horse buckskins became I believe I will make a try at being a “master cutting horse trainer.”…

Lucky U

Hi Steve: I am crazy about your horse. Wish I needed a classic horse.  He looks like a ball to ride. You both were fabulous at Okc and every other time I have seen you. HAPPY NEW YEAR Kathy Gutting


It’s been a crazy winter, and it’s only the end of December. I haven’t ridden too much since November, but decided last night to hop on Bobby Sox and just have fun. Usually, I’m working on a nice collected lope, or pivots – or whatever (there’s always something), but yesterday, I just wanted to RIDE….

Saddle & Boots For Sale

I’m selling a 16 1/2″ Collegiate Close Contact saddle. It’s in fantastic condition and was only used lightly for less than a year. New this saddle costs $700 but I’m asking $400. I’m also selling a pair of Ladies size 7 1/2 Ariat Heritage Field Boots. These are also in awesome condition. They are medium…

2003 Western Pleasure Gelding

Menomin Major Issue – For Sale $10,000 see

You could be lucky too!

LUCKY-U  (Born to Boogie x UVM Unity)  Bred to be a champion, Lucky-U, is a full brother to four time Classic Pleasure Saddle World Champion Boogie Nights. At the 2008 Grand National, Lucky captured the World Championship Junior Horse Classic Pleasure Driving and World Championship Futurity Three Year Old Classic Pleasure Driving titles. He never puts an ear back and has the personality to set…

2009 NY Stallion Service Auction

Happy Holidays from the NY Stallion Service Auction.    Our web site has just been completed for the 2009 auction – including the on line-bidding portion of the site. Catalogs will be in the mail in a few days.   Our auction will be held on January 31, 2009 in Saratoga, NY.  We are offering…

Western Seat Junior Eq at OKC

That was one of my best classes…ever! So much fun. I got 4th/14 in it with Genuine Jade..The person that won is my best friend. Kind of awkward lol. I got a first place vote which makes me so thrilled. What did you guys think of that class? If you saw it..

InGenious In-Hand!

Ok I know it’s almost Christmas so I might post the same thing again next year just to make sure everyone gets the idea and can think about it. Ok my idea…        Everyone knows how the in-hand classes are becoming extinct so why not spruce them up some?  Plus many of us are older…