Dollar Rental Cars

I’d like to hear from anyone who has had a problem with charges from dollar rental car.

When I went to OKC this year, we paid our car rental ahead of time.  When we went to pick it up, the gentleman asked us if we wanted insurance.  We both said “NO, NY insurance covers rentals.”  We were asked for a credit card, and stated that it was already paid for.  They insisted on one anyway.

A month after OKC, on the credit card bill, a charge for almost 300.00 appeared from Dollar Rental.  The gentleman at the desk apparently added insurance onto our contract.  Being 11pm, and having emphatically refused insurance, when the gentleman pointed to three spots to intial and sign, we did not notice the garbled abbreviations which indicated insurance and checked.  “we accept/decline xyz insurance”…thinking that meant we decline, though we didn’t specifically circle the word decline.

Dollar rental is continuing to insist that we really did want insurance, despite our refusal.  In my opinion, this appears to be a very clever little scam to overcharge the customer.  I was wondering if any other Morgan people or anyone they know has had troubles with this.  Those who wish to email me privately about this may do so at



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