another clothes question

Okay, I promise this is the last one….I think.

I really need to start dressing nicer for our horse shows. My barn jeans just arent cutting it for me anymore. I see alot of people wearing jods or saddleseat type pants. I’ve looked and looked (probably in all the wrong places) for pants that are similar to this, but aren’t show ones. I can’t find what I think I’m looking for. Do I just need to suck it up and buy the horribly uncomfortable kentucky type jods? I did find some bootcut breeches, is this what most people wear? Some help please… I feel like such a newbie.

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  1. bks015 says:

    Are you looking for jods to show in or just everyday jods to ride/work in? For the everyday kind, I love Jazzy Jods (… they come in low rise and a bunch of different materials and fun patterns. Every pair I’ve owned has been really comfortable, too (way better than the regular polyester kind!). Good luck!

  2. I’m definitely looking for something to work in/ go out in. I have a SS suit, but I would DIE if I had to wear pants like that all day.

  3. leslie says:

    I’ve met a few people who swear by the Kerrits bootcut riding tights. They’re like Kentucky jods but are stretchy and supposedly are much more comfortable in hot weather.

    You could also look around for Kentucky jods made of cotton rather than polyester.

    I thought I’d heard that Jazzy Jods went out of business?

  4. it looks like they are headed out of business… most of their options only come in a few sizes

  5. I really like the Kerrits bootcut jods- they are stretchy and so nice to ride in. Although I would not recc. them for winter- not warm enough!! I honestly don’t like the jazzy jods / mod jods – I could never find ones that fit right! Hartmeyers have a good jod thats ‘winter’ weight- stretchy- not poly, that are really nice for colder weather. GOOD LUCK with your search!

  6. IED says:

    For jods, I *love* Ovation. I know – weird, right? They are SUPER comfy, though – nice elasticky waist so if you’re constantly bending over putting on wraps or getting on horses there’s no uncomfortable chafe. They are stretchy also and make a nice shape on the body, unlike some of the really gross polyester ones. I think these are it: I bought them at a tack shop so it is hard to tell..

  7. kad says:

    Try Ariat Tek Cords, they are incredible. They are usually presented as a riding breech but closely resemble a low rise jod. They are made of a very comfy,strecth corderoy. The only draw back is that they only come in tan and black. They are a bit pricey but worth it!

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