Extended Extension Questions :)

Okay, to add to my original question. My thoughts were the the extended canter was for ground covering, and the hand gallop was a faster canter – or is it the same thing with different names? I’m soooo confused. So based on what I said in my last question – I sat my butt into the saddle during the extended canter to encourage the horse to extend his stride and lifted my butt a slight bit (mini 2-point) during the hand gallop to quicked his pace….I’ve always wondered why some judges called for extended canter while others called for a hand gallop.

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  1. smccullo says:

    Great and timely question – I was asked the same thing 2 weeks ago at a saddlebred show with morgan classes. I have been asked for extended canter at some shows and hand gallop at others – I think the judge (more saddlebred bent maybe) makes a difference. Regardless of the request, I get in a “mild” 2 point, lean a little forward and show an extension, not a true hand gallop.
    Whether this is correct or not, I don’t know, but my horse has a lovely extension and we don’t go flying by everyone.


  2. TrotOn77 says:

    The hand gallop is faster than an extended canter. Extended canter is a more ground covering canter & the rider’s shoulders and upper body are more forward than collected canter but there is no 2-point position. Hand gallop is an “almost gallop”. It’s faster and more ground covering than the extended canter but still not excessive. At the hand gallop, a slight 2 point position is acceptable but so is a more exaggerated version of the extended canter position.

  3. bella92290 says:

    TrotOn I agree with you, that is how we understand it also.

  4. Chilly One says:

    Think of it this way: an extended canter (or any extended gait for that matter) is an extension of stride length, not an acceleration of speed or tempo. A hand gallop is just what it sounds like – a gallop that remains “in hand” (in control for maneuvering). You always sit an extended canter. ALWAYS. You lengthen the horses stride by squeezing your thighs and allowing his face to move a tad beyond verticle. Your body should remain in the same position – if you pitch forward even slightly, that encourages the horse to dump on the forehand – something you absolutely don’t want. All that will accomplish is more speed and LESS extension of stride length.

    For the hand gallop, you need to get off the horses back into a mini two-point, but definately not pitch your body forward. This isn’t as easy, but this will give you a real hand gallop – a speed gait with impulsion and control.

    The only time a hand gallop should be called for is in road hack classes – it’s not a gait intended for the hunter pleasure division.

  5. KayITM says:

    The hunter pleasure division is only suppost to have a extended canter, not a hand gallop. The extended canter should be a little bit faster then the canter. It should cover more ground in less stride. Also they are only suppost to have the hand gallop in road hack classes to show the judge the horses movement and manors when coming down to a halt.

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