Public Service Announcement (Non-horse Related)

Just a reminder that today is a big day for the country and no matter if you are voting for McCain, Obama or writing in your great uncle Joe, PLEASE VOTE (if you haven’t already). I’m not trying to start a political post but I just hope everybody takes the time today to participate in this great freedom. Many others around the world don’t ever get the chance to “voice” their opinion. (Jumping off my soap box now…)

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  1. colwilrin says:


    And don’t forget…there is a third choice running.

    Bob Barr. He is the libertarian candidate. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this party, they believe in leaving business and people alone. Basically, a low degree in government entanglement in private affairs and capitalism. (which generally means lower taxes)

    This was a public service announcement from Colwilrin’s husband…a staunch libertarian.

  2. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks…I have not heard of him but knowing all of one’s choices are key.

  3. TrotOn77 says:

    Don’t forget Ralph Nader, our independent party candidate!

  4. colwilrin says:

    Glad to hear he is coming to the “party” today! I didn’t know if he had bowed out or not as I am not headed to the polls until after work.

    Now with the age of internet, it is easier than ever to do some very quick research on candidates and their track records. A brief Wikepedia search can quickly give an overview of candidates you are unfamiliar with.

    Sometimes you may be surprised at which candidates agree with your values and have voted for or against policies you have strong opinions on.

    Some of these lesser known people are worth a real look and provide an option outside the traditional two-party network of career politicians.

    IMO, the more candidates, the harder it is for special interest groups and lobbyists to get control over them, and the least likely the candidates are to appease party constituents by tweaking their personal values to “fit” the perception of “republican” or “democrat.”

    OK…off my soapbox now…

    Thank you BEB and the freedom of speech for allowing me to climb up there every so often.

  5. bananas says:

    There is a great old Irish saying in this part of New England..Vote Early, Often and hold your nose and pull the lever again and again!! Good luck (hmmmmm daunting tasks) to the winners, and finally lets hope the politcal pros are on tv holiday for another four years!!

  6. denu220 says:

    Done voting :)

  7. annonymous says:

    I’m still waiting for Pat Paulson to run again…..for those who are old enough to remember…..

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