Ultimate breeding…

If you had your dream breeding and could cross any two morgans out there… who would you pick? Why?

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  1. MManfreda08 says:

    Noble flaire X Pompp And Pazazz :) :) Perhaps this cross has already happened, but boyyyy the things I would do to get my hands on that baby!

  2. jessica says:

    Pompp And Pazazz has foals by HVK Bell Flaire and HVK Courageous Flaire, but not Noble Flaire. I’d take her Mizrahi foal – Graycliff Tony!

    Lots of choices, not sure I can pick just one…but maybe CCR’s Outrajus Courajus crossed with a Treble’s bred mare, like MO Justa Wild Melody (I know, she’s too old to breed, but we’re dreaming here, right?)

  3. Dawn Fire says:

    My dream cross is growing in my pasture right now. Noble Flaire X Erotic Dancer…can’t wait for June!!!

  4. jyn says:

    exotic dancer crossed with any of the Serenity bred stallions.

  5. CRF says:

    Noble Flaire and Prediction or SYP High Definition and Decadance! I would love love love to see the result of those crosses

  6. anonymous says:

    neither of these are alive but would have been awesome trotters—HVK Port Au Prince and Vigilda Burkland…..amazing mare with substance, bone and excellent conformation….Prince, TYPE TYPE TYPE

  7. erikarose says:

    Spice O Life Right Answer x Kim’s Bellegante. I 100% stand behind “Randy” who is now a gelding. And Kim’s Bellegante is I think one of the finest park harness mares and her foals prove that. From what I have seen from the two, I think they would really compliment each other.

  8. KayITM says:

    Noble Flaire and Andria’s Radiance. Andria’s Radiance is my favorite morgan hunter pleasure horse. She is so pretty to watch in classes and she sets her head perfectly in the bridle.

  9. KayITM says:

    Maybe even Andria’s Radiance and Futurity French Command. She is such a pretty little mare. I think she is still for sale at Taylor River Farm.

  10. Kim Viker says:

    Our dream cross would be to have any of Stuart Hazard’s old Funquest mares to use on any of our stallions. After his dispersion, some of the mares were never heard of again. I so wish that my husband and hadn’t been in school at the time of the dispersion. We have been lucky to find and purchase some Funquest bred mares within the past 10-12 years.


  11. bethanym says:

    i’d always dreamed of seeing noble flaire bred with erotic dancer so i cant wait to see dawn fire’s baby! she’s my favorite park mare of all time

  12. mrsfire says:

    Aw, thank you so much, Bethanym! That is a huge compliment!


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