Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship 2009

For those of you that may be interested, Wolf Creek Ranch in Grass Valley, CA will once again be offering their Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship from January-May of 2009.  During this 5 day course, a maximum of 3 horse and rider combinations are taught for 5 hours a day with the instruction focusing on refinement and lightness.  Students are allowed to bring their own horse or can they can ride one of the horses at Wolf Creek Ranch. 

The Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship was started in 2008 and was met with great success.  People from all over participated, with 2 students coming all the way from the Netherlands.

This is what a few of last year’s students had to say about the program:

“It was a dream come true for my sister and me to work with Eitan in his Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship; although, our levels of ability made us uncomfortable working with such an awesome horseman. It didn’t take long to discover Eitan’s easy-going and understanding teaching style made us very comfortable and open to him. He clearly communicated his natural horsemanship philosophy of understanding, softness and lightness, which in turns leads to a trusting relationship with the horse. Over the five days, each of us was supported to incorporate this philosophy into problem-solving strategy.

My goal in attending was to help my horse overcome her fear of cantering. We succeeded! My sister’s goal in coming was to overcome her fear of riding the canter. In the end, Eitan had her cantering in the round pen with her hands in her back pockets. They succeeded!

Debbie’s hospitality and good food at lunch enhanced the whole experience. Her warmth and kindness, and Eitan’s sense of humor made us feel like family as we sat around the table, laughing and sharing stories. It was an experience we shall never forget and one I will be repeating in 2009.”
Joanna Hender

“Last year we flew across country to spend a week at Wolf Creek Ranch. We were immediately embraced by Debbie & Eitan who shared their phenomenal knowledge in horsemanship, their home, their horses, cats & dogs. By the end of week, we knew we had been blessed with new friends & a new approach to the horse that would prove to be a “life changing experience.” With only 3 riders in the clinic, it was like having a week of private lessons with the greatest horseman we had ever met.
Can’t wait to return
Vicki & Jim Hackett, Rocky Ridge, Md

Just wanted to send a note thanking you for a wonderful week at your stables. The clinic was an incredible experience. Eitan is a fantastic instructor — just incredible amount of knowledge and top-of-class horsemanship. He clearly has a unique way of training and handling of (young) horses. It was as if he could communicate with the horses directly — almost telepathically. The overall philosophy and approach he takes with the horses was equally incredible. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was a real eye opener what outstanding levels of achievement could be done with expertly trained horses — whole new levels of experience I could never have imagined. The experience has greatly influenced the way we manage our own horses. By applying your lessons, we’ve quickly been able to bring our horses up to a new standard. Our friends already notice the improvement when riding our horses. That being said, we took enough ideas home to keep us busy with a full year of practice and further learning. Cannot wait to see the impact of further application of the lessons we learned at your stables applied to ours. If we can get just 50% of the impact you’ve had on your horse, we’ll be the envy of Holland. Your horses were amazing (comparable to driving a Rolls Royce), really impressive. To round out our experience, getting to know you and the other participant was equally memorable. Was great to be with other lovers of horses in a collegial atmosphere. Simply an outstanding week!!! Thank you so much Eitan and Debbie for your hospitality!

Mandy & Murray Ford of the Netherlands

For more information regarding this School, visit the Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship webpage.



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