our hard to fit horses

Where do you buy blankets for your horses?  I would love to be able to afford the custom ones from RaDon, but my boys are too tough on blankets to pay that much. I know Schneiders has one blanket that they say is made to fit morgans, arabs and ASBs but I’m alittle sceptical. State Line Tack, Dovers and most other sites are geared more towards QH, TBs and Warmbloods. I’m at a bit of a loss as to where I should be looking… are there some unknown secret sites that I’m missing? :)

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  1. colwilrin says:

    Schneiders. Mine love the “superquilt” and they really do fit my Morgans well.

  2. Clarkj says:

    I use Big D blankets they fit Morgans very well (size 74 seems to fit any horse I have)

  3. JustFineThankYou says:

    Schneiders – they are made to fit our horses – I recommend their cutback or V-Fit necks.

    The WeatherBeeta and Rhino/Rambos are great as well, since they come in 69″ and 71″, which are hard to find sizes (and always seem to be what my horse wants to wear). They are a little long on the sides, but for a turnout, that is fine.

  4. Merlcann08 says:

    I bought a Rambo XL for my guy because he is very long from his withers to the point of his shoulder. It is a little roomy but at least it is not too tight. Some of the blankets were like straight jackets on him!

  5. parksaddle1024 says:

    I’ve always had good luck with the Schnieders cutback sheets and blankets. I am a huge fan of corcel – I love radon too, but I think corcel wears better and are slightly less expensive. Good luck!

  6. Amanda says:

    well I am a huge fan of radon over anything else, but we also have a few of the superquilts from Schnieders, and they are amazing. They fit excellent, (we don’t get the ones with the belly band) wear amazing, we use them to swap on and off to wash. (I can justify multiple sheets from radon, Not winter blankets for the heavy ones needed in an unheated New For around $80.00 you can’t find a better winter blanket. I have one know that we bought in the winter of 03 and after washed it looks brand new.
    Highly Highly recommend.

  7. Black Eye Beth says:

    We recently purchased Corcel sheets and blankets for our show horses and really like them. Has anybody else purchase any from there? They fit very nice. I am not sure how the price compares to Raydon.

  8. LoriLiz says:

    Schneiders here too. Have used their stable and turnout blankets and really like them. They wear well. I had a couple weanlings wearing turn outs all last winter and even after washing a couple times, the blankets still looked new. I use their soap for them, keeps the waterproofing intact.

  9. Theresa says:

    I’m cleaning out my trainer’s tack room. He has numerous used RaDons and other blankets not in the stable colors that will be available. Email me at designermorgans@gmail.com if you are interested in seeing the list of items for sale.

  10. garishar says:

    I have a couple of Turtleneck blankets that I’ve used for two seasons. They are holding up really well even though I’ve got one boy that’s been known to shred blankets. These came with guarantees in case they got ripped but haven’t ripped yet, so I think they were worth the money because I won’t have to buy replacements any time soon. Mine have an elastic neckband that keeps the horses drier than any other turnout blanket I’ve owned, but you can also get them with a cutback neck and tail notch that look perfect for Morgans.

  11. bella92290 says:

    Corcel all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. shortiedu says:

    I use for the winter State Line Tack’s Ultra Lite Turnout. They are on sale this month from their regular $80 for only $39! They come in a nice Navy which I appreciate. THey have heavier blankets, but I really have come tolove these and bought enough for all our horses this year.

    These blankets do come up the withers on the Morgans, but they sit very comfortably on them. They are more than enough for our Southern CA winters. In the bright daylight sun, I have to take them off in the day actually.

    I found one of them to come in great handy at a rainy horse show last Dec. I got my horse all ready, put it over the clean horse saddled up and walked her to the covered ring. Short of me being drentched and her head a little wet, under the blanket the saddle and her were perfectly dry and cozy warm.

  13. shortiedu says:

    Radon Vs Corcel. I like both. Radon blankets fit the wither far better. Corcels tend to slip back behind the withers and when new really put rubs into the withers. I had to wash them a few times to soften the materials. I like the straps and buckles much better on Corcel and I really appreciate seeing the blanket size on the front. Both blankets are priced similiarly.

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