How to “Introduce” Yourselves

It is great to see people starting introduce themselves on the Forums. I hope some new friendships are made through this and the PM feature.

One thing that might help keep it rolling and make it easier for people to use is to use the “Add Topic” button to write your introduction. Believe me, I know the switch is confusing (just ask my husband how many times he had to go through it with me!) but it is easy once you do it.

To do this, follow these steps. First go to the Forums via the button in the middle column under the Log In. When you get to the Forums page, scroll down and click on “Let Me Introduce Myself…”. When that page pops up look to the right for the “Add Topic” button. Click on that and a page appears for you to write your Introduction. By doing it this way other individuals can then reply to your Introduction (say “Hi” or “I know you!!”, or something like that). This also allows the list of all the “Introductions” to appear when the “Let Me Introduce Myself…” forum is selected.

I hope this isn’t clear as mud. If it is, comment here and I will try to clarify it better. If you have already added your Intro in a reply, not to worry. I will fix it later today.

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