Our New Features and Changes

I again want to thank everybody for all the great support AboveLevel.com has received. It is overwhelming and very much appreciated. The discussion has been informative and relatively civil. It does seem that the vast majority of you have taken the view of “agreeing to disagree” and welcome all the different view points.

I want to let you know of the changes that we are implementing. As many of you know, we have set up “Forums” and will be working on getting new topics areas that are appropriate for that feature (i.e. classifieds, technical questions, non-horse topics, etc.) However, I would like to keep as much discussion on the main blog pages as possible.

As you may have noticed we have upgraded the “Recent Comments” feature. We now have link available which displays the title of the Post that has the most recent comments. The name of the person commenting and the date/time of the comment is also included. We hope this helps you see all the days activity with one click (click on the “Recent Comment” link above if you don’t understand this explanation!)

There has also been discussion regarding “anonymous” comments on posts. Since we have increased our user registration to over 450 individuals, we are now removing the option of comment as “Anonymous”. In order to post or comment from now on, users will be required to register and log onto the blog, or fill out the name and email address fields. Using your own name as your user name or signing your post or comment with your real name is optional.

I hope you find these changes helpful and, as always, let us know if other problems or suggestions you may have.

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  1. denu220 says:

    Super configuration for the “Forums” section and PM feature! I’m embarrassed to say I just “kicked the tires” and learned how to use it… Hopefully, everyone else will give these wonderful features a try! Kudos to BEB!

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