Is anyone using this new tool?  I keep checking but there doesn’t appear to be anything new posted. 


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  1. jns767 says:

    Call me stupid, but I’m 100% sure what the difference between the blog and forum is. I clicked on the forum and was just kind of lost.

  2. jns767 says:

    I mean’t to say NOT 100% sure – woops! ;)

  3. tech says:

    The number of new posts on the blog since Oklahoma is wonderful.

    We did add the forum section during Oklahoma as a response to requests from some users. Also, the forum section adds private messaging, which some users wanted.

    Overall, we have always felt that the blog format was the best format for engaging people interested in discussing Morgan horse shows. There are a few areas where forums might be better – like classified ads.

    So, right now, the forum is just an extension of the blog. The blog is still the main part of the website. In the future, we’ll check on the use of the forums and decide whether it adds to the functionality of the website.

  4. IED says:

    I think that perhaps the forums need a place for general discussion. There isn’t really anywhere to post right now…

  5. leslie says:

    I was thinking the same thing as IED. I don’t think it can add functionality until there’s somewhere to start a discussion.

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