New Poll – The New Logo and Slogan

There are obviously many differing opinions regarding the new AMHA Logo and Slogan.  I wanted to get a “hand count” on what everybody thinks.

If you have additional comments you can comment here or on the original post.

***Last Poll Results***

It looks like the majority of the users that voted in the last poll do want moderation on the blog.  The results were as follows: Of the 76 votes 58% would prefer moderation by the administrator only; 26% prefer moderation by the administrator and a rating system; 11% would prefer only a rating system; and 12% would prefer no moderation at all.

Since we are in the process of changing thing around on the blog we will only be using Admin. moderation but will be adding a rating system at some point.  Thanks for everybody’s input.

One Response to New Poll – The New Logo and Slogan

  1. KayITM says:

    I don’t like the new morgan horse design at all. I liked the original “Pride and Product of America”. I was extremely dissapointed when I found out they had changed the design. It was perfect the way it was why couldn’t they leave it alone.

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