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First of all.. alittle background info…

I grew up in the hunter/jumper world and spent alot of time with “project” horses. When I left for college I found a farm to board my mare at with a young trainer who was just starting out on her own. She had morgans, I started working part time for her and was completely hooked. I now teach her beginner lesson program (and show as a professional because of this). I sold my mare, and bought a (now) two year old gelding and a yearling gelding. I’ve worked for her for 3years now, showing at class A shows with a mare I leased and other horses, etc…

Now heres my long winded question…

I would really like to have my yearling broke to drive next spring/summer. He’s bred pretty well, and should finish out as a park/pleasure horse. I’ve ridden SS enough in the last few years to be comfortable breaking him to ride and such, but not to drive. We don’t have the equipment (yet) or proper arena footing to get him driving, and I don’t want to invest in it if hes not going to be something I can show in the open classes. I want to send him somewhere around may-ish for at least two months to have him started. I know its somewhat unconventional to send a horse into training for a short period of time and then pull them out. But if he IS worth the investment then I would leave him in training through the show season and get him campaigned. I’m located in MI and would be willing to travel within the state or to Ohio or Indiana. What am I looking at spending to get this done on a per month basis? Also, what are your experiences with different trainers within the three states?

Thanks in advance for your input!


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  1. GraceMorgn says:

    While a little further than you indicated you would want to travel, I highly recommend the Bodnars at Merriehill in Illinois. They are just a bit northwest of Chicago. They are spectacular with driving horses, especially young horses.

    While I don’t know there exact training expenses, I think around $1,000/ month is about right. In addition you will have vet and farrier work. If you keep your gelding in training for the show season, there will be show expenses, advertising, etc.

    Another recommendation would be for Triumph with John and Belle Hufferd. They are also very skilled with young horses and driving horses. They are in Roanoke, Indiana. There expenses would be comparable to the above.

    Both farms have websites you can use to check things out. Good luck!


  2. your_starr says:

    we have a jr. ex. hunter gelding from the hufferds in our barn right now and i absolutely adore him. they are probably my first choice right now, although i still need to get into contact with them before its all said and done.

  3. IED says:

    I have to second GraceMorgn about the Bodnars. Whitney especially has a knack for ‘getting’ the young driving horse. I’m not saying your horse is like this, but he has gotten some VERY puzzle-like training horses in the ring achieving great success.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would for sure recommend John & Belle Hufferd at Triumph Stables. I have done business with them for years and would not go anywhere else. They will not waste your time or your money if your horse will not cut the grade. John does a great job and has a staff thats second to none. They charge $960/month for training, but it usually is a bit more with the extra expenses. John will want your horse more like January though, not May. Give him a call at 260-672-2721. Good Luck!

  5. jyn says:

    My father in laws stable . They are great with these type of situations and they only charge $700 a month. They are located in Northeast Ohio. Call them at 330 495-7117 or barn 330 335 6795. Ninety days is recomended to get enough out of it though.

  6. your_starr says:

    jyn – what is their farm name?

  7. jyn says:

    They have Vantage Point Stable. Just checked and we are going up to $750 for 2009 , still quite a great deal. The barn is very clean and nice with wonderful footing and care. We (They) won three thirds at Worlds in large classes with some first place world champion votes on the cards. All were in driving with horses solely trained by Craig or Kathi. They trained a horse for my friend that was very tough and made him into a gentleman.

  8. jyn says:

    My mother in law reminded me to add that the caretaker Renee is really one of the best professional grooms and caretakers in the country. He worked for Lonnie Lavery for many years and is amazing. When he body clips the horses you cannot see a line or hair out of place. He loves the horses and really is an irreplaceable asset to the farm.

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