Judges cards?

I love this site and though I’ve never posted I generally try to stop in every day to catch up on the lastest happenings. This week I’ve practically camped out here:-)

Beth, thanks so much for doing such a fantastic job keeping us in the loop and up to date about Nationals. Your tireless efforts definitely have not gone unnoticed. This is my 1st year in many that I am not there to enjoy all the festivities.  Since I can’t get the live video streaming site to work on my computer your videos, daily class lists and results have been our cyber life line! When you posted the link to the judges cards I though Wahoo!! and of course poured over those too to see how all our favorite horse & riders are doing.  Sadly they haven’t updated them since Tuesday:-(  Anyone else also sooo missing the updated judges cards to complete the online experience?

Best of luck to all-wishing you “that perfect ride!”


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  1. LoriLiz says:

    If you have a subscription to Saddle Horse Report, the cards are up to date through last night.

  2. picante247 says:

    Thanks so much for the info. No subscription to saddle horse although it’s tempting:-)

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