AMHA’s New Logo

Has anyone else seen the new logo for AMHA. What do you think of it? Personally, I think its pretty awful. It certainly doesn’t scream Morgan to me, the catchphrase is kind of lame too.


UPDATED with Logo (by BEB):

New AMHA logo

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  1. Opinions are pointless unless and until you move to do something about them. I think actions speak louder than words. We need to get informed before we get loud, and then people will listen.

    I don’t find anything about the logo confusing, offensive, etc. Its a logo that looks like a Morgan. Not a saddleseat Morgan, western Morgan, or colorful Morgan. It looks like a Morgan, and thats good enough for me. I didn’t need an explanation, as I liked the logo anyway, but I certainly didn’t post about the subject until I had all of the information available to me to make an informed assessment. I meant that to those people who did have an issue with the logo, the article would maybe shed some light. I will try to be even more clear in the future.

  2. Peppermintpatti says:

    Thanks Alicia for your wonderful posts. I agree about the logo, it pretty much speaks for itself. Even I get it! We have many great looks to our morgans and I believe this logo is very fitting. Alicia, I would love to see you in office. :>)

  3. amie9191 says:

    I like the logo and the saying.

    I own a boarding barn and I’m constanly being told stories of my boarders running around the field trying to catch their QH, TB, Paso, etc. and my morgans just following them around like “You can bring me in…I LOVE attention”

    I think morgans do “choose” their people :-)

  4. Anon says:

    “Get a life, Get a Morgan”

  5. Sue says:

    I didn’t think that anyone was “confused” about the meaning of the new logo/slogan, I think people were just a little dissappointed. I clearly understand it, I was just excited when I saw “New Graphic Identity” on the website, and was sort of let down by it, that’s all. I don’t think anyone’s too harshly critisizing the AMHA, either, just expressing our own opinions on the issue like someone else said.

  6. Peppermint Patti– you make me laugh! thanks for the nod of approval! I appreciate it! :-)))))

  7. Chris Nerland says:

    I realize the new motto is a bit vague, but I think we should see that as a marketing opportunity. If you have a potential buyer ask “Whatta ya mean, the horse that chooses you” you can give them an anecdote of Morgan friendliness, curiosity, eagerness to please. We all have stories like this if we have been around the breed any time at all. I think it is a great conversation-starter. I enjoy telling about fixing fence in a yearling pasture and before I knew it, my nail bag was being carried off, my toolbucket was overturned and my hat was missing! I have had QH, Arabs but married Morgans 30+ years ago and never looked back.

  8. Susan Overstreet says:

    You know, it would be very nice if some forum, any forum, provided an opportunity for people to express divergent opinion without attack or criticism. I am not sure why this seems to be so difficult in the Morgan community, but it is really unfortunate.

    As far as I am concerned, any opinion expressed with courtesy and objectivity is interesting, informative and conducive to learning.

    Susan Overstreet

  9. cp100 says:

    Well said Susan.

  10. JustFineThankYou says:

    First off, kudos to two posters with well-though out, intelligent posts: GraceMorgn for her point-on branding comment and Colwilrin about increasing purses for mature horses.

    I think these are central issues to the success of the Morgan breed. I’m excited to know that the AMHA is trying out a new brand, but I’m not sure it goes far enough to change the general perception of the breed.

    The new branding is fresh and more “user friendly”, but I would like to see more beauty in the graphic and font to reflect those morgan traits. However, I would like to see how it works…give it some time and lets see if it helps in attracting outside interest.

  11. mdmossburg says:

    I find most breeds and most horse folks seem to be in attack mode not just Morgans. The other breed chat rooms are filled with venom sometimes too. It is everywhere. It is a lot harder to be nice to each other plus there is a LOT of strong emotions in this breed as we love our horses so much. So I hear and also give those strong opinions. Gets me in trouble a LOT!

    I am one glad to read folks giving their opinions on the the logo, good and bad. Dialogue never hurt anyone at any time. Nice if we could all just get along but that is never going to happen. I do know this economy is weeding out some folks which is sad.

    But even if we like or dislike what the association does I am one glad they have finally realized this breed will live and die with extensive marketing. Do I think the new branding will bring in new folks? Nope, too little too late.

    The horses will sell this breed and friendly and helpful Morgan owners welcoming the newbies on board and helping them to feel welcome so they stay. Also, geting their horses off their farms and out in public sells this breed to others. “if they will not come to your farm or barn then bring your horses to them.”


  12. IED says:

    In regards to venomous topics… I lurk around on quite a few horse-related forums and believe me, this one is NOTHING in comparison to some of them. Fugly Horse of the Day, Chronicle of the Horse Forums, (Arab/Half-Arab), – all these are buckets worse than anything I’ve seen on here…

  13. colwilrin says:

    OOOHHH…don’t forget the Morgan Bulletin Board. When I really miss my days of working as a psychiatric nurse…I lurk there.

  14. I agree with colwilrin comments on purses for aged horses. I think the rich weanling purses/futurities tend to result in breeders producing horses that look good at weaning/yearling, sort of like the TB industry now aimed at producing horses that bring big yearling sale prices, but who break down in real racing. A great number of our “model” babies don’t amount to much of anything once the hype fades whereas the steady athletic mature horses go on quietly, winning good placings and doing yeoman work for their owners. Granted, some of our finest were recognized early in futurities, but conformation that catches the eye at weaning (long, pencil neck, tipped croup, super-refined legs, staring eyes,) can be detriments in a mature horse.

  15. Cyanstar says:

    I like the new logo and the slogan. Haven’t read the AMHA article but I will soon! I did see the presentation in OKC and was moved by it.

    I think if any of us have ever taken a newbie horse buyer to a Morgan farm or a Morgan show to see what’s available for sale, you will soon know that a Morgan does choose it’s partner.

    I’ve experienced it firsthand as I’m sure all of you have if you have purchased your first or 20th Morgan!

    I have no creativity what so ever so I appreciate almost anything anyone can do in that department! My thanks to those who were involved.

    Nancy Kavanagh

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