How Are We Doing So Far?

If you are at the “Big Dance” and have shown, let us all know how its going. I know of one member that got a second place in a pretty big and tough class yesterday (Congrats, Jan!!).

Both of my girls have shown. WMH Fire Dancer was in the 2 Year Old Mares In Hand class and was such a good girl (well, most of the time…she like to “volunteer” just a little to much sometimes!). Although she didn’t place high we were THRILLED with her. Other than being a little tired for her trot down the rail, she modeled beautifully. I have had a few people come visit her to tell me how much they like her…I have to admit, that is REALLY, REALLY COOL!!!! (Now…if someone would buy her…that would be even more cool!!) Here is her video (please “fast forward” to the good parts…I included alot of other stuff for my husband’s benefit since he is home with our kids):

My English Pleasure mare also had the best class she has ever had. Since she really is more of a Amatuer mount (who I was just not quite ready for this summer), we knew she was going to be in a little over her head in the Ladies class. Let me tell you though, my little lady held her own and I was so proud of her. She, again, didn’t place high but is certainly going to be ready for me next year. I can’t wait! I will add video later…

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  1. kim viker says:


    Congratulations on your winnings at OKC! AND Thanks so much for posting the videos!

    Kim Viker

  2. kad says:

    Well, can’t blame a girl for wanting to kick up her heels. I thought she trotted her rail very nicely and modeled beautifully. I’ve seen her mature nicely this season. She’s gonna be a good one!!!!!!!!

  3. kim viker says:


    I just watched the video with your mare; she is very, VERY nice! I love her little kick at the end! Definitely feeling good; love the spirit!

    She will be fun for you next year!
    Kim Viker

  4. 2girlsmom says:

    Congratulations, your “baby” is very very nice. Good luck for the rest of the show.
    I love to see the videos please keep them coming.

  5. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments on my filly. I would like to sell her but I have to admit is would be sooo bad if we had to keep her for another year. I would really like to watch her develop into a performance horse and see what she wants to do when she grows up.

  6. Black Eye Beth says:

    MochaMom won her GN class tonight!!!!!!!!!! You Go Girl!!!!!!!

  7. bella says:

    MOCHA MOM!! WOO HOO! Congrats!!!

  8. 2girlsmom says:

    Congratulations MOCHA MOM!!

  9. bella says:

    So excited to leave in the am I don’t know if I can sleep! I think if I have my people correct Mickeymouse is a 2008 champion!!??
    J do I have that correct? If so CONGRATS! I will be glued to me seat for Saturday! I will stop by and say HI if I see your barn.

  10. jdenzel says:

    Bella, you are correct! Mickey Mouse is a Grand Champion! We are so looking forward to Saturday when she competes for the WC! Please stop by Peeper! I’d love to meet you! Janie

  11. bella92290 says:

    I will for sure stop by and ask for you…Congrats again you must be one proud mama!

  12. Em says:

    Congratulations Mocha Mom! Which class were you in?

  13. La izzy says:

    Thank you so much for posting all the exciting news from OKC. i just found your blog and I am so happy to know there is a Morgan Show Horse blog out there! The updates are great!

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