OKC Geldings Junior and Senior Horse Championship

Here is video of yesterday mornings Gelding Junior and Senior Horse Championships. I thought that the In Hand Classes were really good this year.

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  1. parksaddle1024 says:

    Thanks for all of the OKC coverage Beth! I have been watching through the webcast (which I think is better this year than in the past), but it’s great to get the “play by plays” of OKC you and others have been providing! I thought the geldings had great quality! CBMF Ruling Class has always been one of my favorites, but wow – his son Wild Ruler looks so much like him! The photos of them nose to nose are awesome! Stallions were awesome as well, but sad that there was only 1 horse in the 4-year old stallions! Best of luck to all showing – enjoy the week!!

  2. GGR says:

    Thanks for sending the video for those of us who can’t be there. It was neat to get a different angle view of my moms gelding who was RWC behind CBMF Wild Ruler. Such a thrill! What a great group of horses in the in hand division. All of them – drop dead gorgeous!

  3. kim viker says:

    Hi all,

    I agree that the horses are quite nice in the halter classes! I just wish the handlers would show them so that the horse is not so covered up. Not that the people don’t do a good job, they do; they just need to learn and stand back a bit more away from the horse. I am sure that the judges would appreciate it. Also, I noticed quite a few people touch their horses to help them level out or get on their feet. The time for that is really not in the show ring; even with young horses. Also, this only tends to point out faults that the judges can see anyway… I don’t mean to be too critical, as I know that it can be quite nervy showing at OKC; just hope people can learn to stand back, get away from their horses and let the horse show.


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