Back Again…

I just arrived back in OKC tonight.  I am glad to be here but have to say, I don’t think I want to fly through St. Louis again.  Not only did I get completely lost trying to figure out where I was suppose to be, I almost got “taken down” by a very big security guard (well..maybe not almost but he did come over to make sure I wasn’t packing heat). 

The other times that I have flown, I have only had to go through Security at the originating Airport. I try to be very prepared with no belt, easily removed shoes, have my laptop accessible, and all my electronics neatly tucked away in my carry on luggage so I don’t set off the metal detector.  However, since I was changing Airlines I had to go through Security again at St. Louis. 

Drugged on Dramamine and completely lost, I stumbled into a disorderly line of travelers trying to hurry through the check point.  I quickly put my cell phone in my bag and loaded all my stuff onto the belt. When I was motioned through the detector the alarm went off putting the whole line to a halt.  I was so flustered that I started frantically patting myself down, finally realizing that I had put my iPod into the front pocket of my sweatshirt.  I quickly went to reach for it to prove I wasn’t carrying a bomb, only to have the Security guard screech “You have to go back through the detector!!” and then call LOUDLY for a “Pat Down”.  Confused, I held up my iPod, saying to everyone “It’s just my iPod”, but by that time a very large, burly man came strolling over.  The lady nervously had me come back through the detector and thankfully the alarm didn’t go off this time.  I did have to prove to the guard and the very large man that I didn’t have anything in my pocket before they would let me leave. 

Because of my “drug induce haze” (I get very sleepy when I take Dramamine), it didn’t occur to me until I got to the gate that she probably thought I was going to pull a gun.  The motion would have been much the same and I was pretty frazzled by that time.  If you know who I am, the whole thing is a very funny thought; I absolutely hate guns of all types and stand only 5’4″ (If I stretch upward and much as I can).  After my realization I got a very strange feeling that the Airline employees at the gate were “checking me out” and actually did double check my plane ticket information.  I guess I should be happy that they take security so seriously but it was JUST AN iPOD!

Anyway, I made it safe and sound and just in time to have a quick dinner with my trainers. I have not made it to the Fairgrounds yet but will be there bright and early. I did also meet a young adult at the airport waiting to take the same flight (the “Georgia Morgan Horse Association High Point Award” garment bag gave it away!).  In fact she may be in the same class as my mare. I told her about the blog so maybe she will become another user.

I will have video up tomorrow (provided I get everything to work) and through the rest of the show.  Check back often for results and more!

4 Responses to Back Again…

  1. jns767 says:

    What a story – I hope you have a wonderful time and good luck to you in your classes – your mare is so pretty!!

  2. kad says:

    well, as someone that “knows you” I find the entire story very funny – I’ve always thought you looked like a pretty shady character myself.

  3. Beth's husband says:

    You should see her when she travels. She’s totally stoned on Dramamine. Without it, or even with it if there is turbulence, she’s hunched over the vomit bag.

    I bet the fact that the Vice Presidential debate was in St. Louis on Thursday meant that the airport was on high alert.

    In general, though, BEB is not a very scary character.

  4. hrhirene says:

    St Louis is my ‘home’ airport (for the moment, while I’m at school) and I have to say it’s a pretty terrible airport as far as airports go. Dank and smelly and depressing, mostly!

    As for the alarm and security, that is pretty standard practice. Even the shouting loudly bit – though you are supposed to (by TSA rules) supposed to have a same-sex member pat you down and do the search. I fly weekly and I’ve had more pat-downs than the average person – they happen, whether you clear the metal detector or not :)

    Best of luck at OKC!

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