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I’m looking for a new hunt coat for next show season. I’m bored with the traditional black and navy. Where do you guys get hunt coats? I would like something with a velvet collar and I’m thinking maybe a green or tan. I have no idea where to look!  Also, has anyone ever had the custom made bibs done? (like the partial hunt shirts but its on the collar part). I have a few students who were thinking about getting them for their EQ teams and 4H but i’m kind of sceptical about them.

Thanks for the tips!

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  1. bella says:

    I too search for something different for my daughter. I think with hunt coats to achieve that you need to get them custom made. Becker Brothers is what my barn swears by, I also found a few fabrics I liked at Countryside (I think that is the spelling). Alicia you have a really nice coat, is it custom?

  2. Morgan Manfreda says:

    Well I found this website on my similar search for a more “stand out” jacket…

  3. morgnridr says:

    For Equitation especially the bibs are inappropriate. It is ideal to have long sleeve shirts, a bit of the cuff should show under the coat cuff. While the bibs and short sleeve shirts are nice on hot days a half dressed rider is still a half dressed rider.
    There are some beautifully made shirts available in a variety of fabrics, some of which, although long sleeve, are still breathable and cool.
    RJ Classics makes some nice ones, also VanTeal.
    I would think also that velvet collars are more formal, perhaps a championship class or something. Again, there are some beautiful materials/patterns/colors available now for coats as well. Shades of blue, grey, green, brown and more can be very eye catching
    Make sure you compare your material to your horse color. A beautiful jacket can look ridiculous on a horse that it clashes with!
    Good luck and happy shopping.

  4. your_starr says:

    our students wouldnt be allowed to wear the bibs at class a or morgan/saddlebred shows. we have several students that trailer their own horses to 4h and eq team shows where they would be allowed to wear them. Next year ill have a red red chestnut gelding to ride, i have fair complexion and strawberry blonde hair (me and my gelding match wonderfully) so i was thinking a green coat might look nice. but of course ill have to try anything on first

  5. evamorgan says:

    I would think a really warm, rich brown would look good with you and your horses coloring. And you can never go wrong with navy blue.
    You have the luxury of time to find just what you want so take your time and I am sure you will come up with a great outfit.
    Happy shopping!!

  6. cece says:

    I had 2 beautiful huntcoats made for my daughter by Marsha (Marsha’s On The Square Shelbyville, TN.
    A dark chocolate brown with same brown velvet collar for eq and a golden taupe plaid with a dark taupe velvet collar for pleasure…love them.

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