One of my horses colicked today (mild), and the vet said he’s seen a lot of it lately and thinks it has something to do with the change in weather. I live in the northeast where we’re having warm days with very cool nights. I wasn’t able to speak directly to the vet and was wondering if someone can explain to me how changes in weather cause colic. Also, is there any way to prevent weather-related colic from occurring? Thanks.

>>>>> I’ve even heard of colic caused by the rain…

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  1. denu220 says:

    I understand how cold weather can INDIRECTLY cause colic when horses normally turned out are kept in their stalls and are less active than usual… I also understand how cold weather can indirectly cause colic because water buckets may freeze and then horses don’t drink enough. And I understand how heat can have a similar impact, as well. I just don’t understand how a horse can colic simply because he feels chilly (when he’s in a barn, out of the elements, in above 40-degree weather)… Curious creatures, these horses! I’m getting my guy a super-duper high-end blanket/sheet combo right away…

  2. dvfmorgan says:

    Changes in barometric pressure do seem to cause a higher incidence of colic, not sure why, but it certainly does happen alot.

    Generally you see alot more colics in the fall, because of the weather changes, and that some horses do not drink as much, as the weather cools.

    Also some of the spasmatic colics could be attributed to the change of hay as new hay crops are being used.

  3. denu220 says:

    Thanks, dvf. Hopefully my horse will be comfortable now.

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