Quarter horse tops?

Okay, I discovered this website yesterday – love it! Question though, I see that several people who are looking for western clothing are requesting no Quarter Horse tops. What exactly is a Quarter Horse top so I know what not to buy? I feel like I’m always off with the fashion thing at the shows – perhaps I may be clueless. Currently I have a whole hobby horse ensemble – I thought it was expensive, but I think it’s actually cheap in comparison with some of these custom outfits I see. I hope to actually learn alot through this website – I’m an amatuer and have actually been showing since I was 14 (with Morgans) I can’t believe all of the things I still need to learn!!!!

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  1. bella says:

    You came to the right place for sure!! I am sure you will get comments back from some of our awesome bloggers who do western very, very well.

  2. colwilrin says:

    I am a little confused on the “quarter horse” top too. The QH look customizes many different styles and cuts of tops to the different divisions people show in.

    The few sites I buy from that sell mainly to QH people have high-end current fashions, and I am seeing more and more of those outfits at OKC and regionals. They also have different styles from onepiece monochromatic horsemanship/equitation tops for the jr. exhibs to the vest sets, jackets and blouses which are flattering for the more mature rider.

    My rule of thumb, if your top looks like one that would have been worn 10 years ago, it is probably outdated.

    As for your hobby horse outfit, they make a nice quality, comfortable product at a reasonable price. You will, no doubt, look neat and put together, which is the most important point.

  3. KarenL says:

    Generally, as fashions evolve in the QH show ring, about 2years later they show up in the Morgan show ring :). I watched a show with a friend that owns a tack store that sells to alot of QH-types & she offered some pretty scathing commentary of Morgan WP showring fashions… :) Needless to say, when I was prepping to show WP for the first time in over 10 years, I hit her up for help. It told her I didn’t want to look Salvation Armyish (no offense to a great organization) nor did I want to outshine my horse & stand out too much! She dressed me “conservatively” (HA!) in a black top w/ the big collar & cuffs with a bunch of silver sparklies, black chaps, a black hat & some fun earrings & necklace for “bling”. I thought we (me & my little bay pony) looked quite cute! Obviously it is all in the eye of the beholder.

  4. Flmorgan says:

    I think the fit is very important. A great looking outfit has to flatter not only the rider but the horse. Make sure the color of the outfit, flatters the horse. Don’t forget to match the saddle pad. Iv’e seen alot of great outfits ruined by the wrong saddle pad.
    If you are not thin wear darker clothes Thin can get away with almost any color.

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